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Lok Sabha Speaker behaves like a dictator, opposition party…; Serious allegations by newly elected MP

Pratik Mehta

By Pratik Mehta

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Balwant Wankhede, Member of ParliamentImage Credit Source: Facebook

Balwant Wankhede, the newly elected MP from Amravati Lok Sabha constituency, has made serious allegations against Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s microphone was switched off while he was speaking in the Lok Sabha. Balwant Wankhede has criticized the Lok Sabha Speaker for this. The Lok Sabha Speaker behaves like a dictator. Balwant Wankhede has said that even today he did not allow the opposition party to speak in the House even though it had the right.

The leader of the opposition in the House stands up for any discussion in the House. But as soon as our leader Rahul Gandhi stood up, he switched off the mic. The language of the Lok Sabha Speaker is also not appropriate. The Lok Sabha Speaker says that I am switching off the mic. Balwant Wankhede said that this is very wrong and different and it does not suit the President because the President’s job is to keep this House equal for everyone but the President is acting like a party worker.

Balwant Wankhade also gave his reaction on the milk powder import issue. Whether it is the central government or the state government. He says that we are the farmers’ cavari with the support of the farmers. But if we can see. So whether it is onion or soybean or tur or cotton or whatever is the subject of devotion. Even if it is export, farmers should get two paise for it. So how is this agricultural flood business? But they do not even let him do that business. That is, farmers are really dying. Balwant Wankhade has also said that we will look into it.

Accident Response at Delhi Airport

An accident happened at Delhi airport today. A major accident happened due to the roof collapse. One person died in this. Balwant Wankhade has reacted on this matter. Airports are big contracts. They are managed. Balwant Wankhade said that industrialists have benefited a lot from these.

Pratik Mehta

Pratik Mehta

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