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Lok Sabha 2024: From the announcement of the election to the swearing-in ceremony, what is the entire process of government formation?

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loksabha election 2024

Lok Sabha 2024 : In India, the government of the country and the state changes every five years. The results of the recently concluded elections are out. Now, leaders are inclined to form the government. Bjp leader Narendra Modi will be sworn in as the Prime Minister of India once again. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take oath on June 9.

From the announcement of the election schedule to the time the election is over and the results are out, everyone is running. The result does not mean that the government has been formed, the government has come. After the results, the resignation of the Prime Minister, the claim to form the government and the swearing-in ceremony are also carried out. Let’s take a look at that.

Elections are held

The first phase of the Lok Sabha elections is elections. On March 16, the Election Commission had announced the dates for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections for the 18th Lok Sabha. As per the commission’s announcement, polling was scheduled to be held in seven phases from April 19. The counting date was fixed as June 4. Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar had announced the schedule for the Lok Sabha elections.

Counting of votes is complete

Counting of votes is an important milestone after the Lok Sabha elections. Which party will form the government is determined by the counting of votes. It is through the counting of votes that which party or alliance gets a majority. The counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections took place on June 4.

The BJP-led NDA has got a majority. The BJP won 240 seats, while the NDA allies bagged 292 seats.

The Prime Minister resigns

Narendra Modi was the Prime Minister of the country till the election results were out. But he must resign to the president to form a third government after the results. Without it, the government cannot be formed again. Therefore, the President requests the former Prime Minister to act as acting Prime Minister till the swearing-in of the new Prime Minister.

Election of parliamentary party leader

After the counting of votes is over, the party or alliance that gets a majority chooses its leader. The NDA won a majority in the 18th Lok Sabha elections. The NDA has since unanimously elected Narendra Modi as its leader.

To stake claim to form a government

After the lok sabha election results, the president invites the party that gets a majority to form the government. The majority party then meets the President at Rashtrapati Bhavan and stakes claim to form the government.

According to sources, the NDA alliance leaders are likely to meet President Draupadi Murmu soon and stake claim to form the government.


After the President gives his assent to form the government, the party announces the date and time of the swearing-in. According to sources, the swearing-in ceremony of the NDA coalition government will be held on June 9 at 7.15 pm.

Cabinet expansion

After the formation of the government, the most important task is to expand the cabinet. Elected MPs are held in charge of various portfolios. On several occasions, the government can make changes in the names of central and state ministers and the tenure of the government even after a few days.

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Nita Yadav

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