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Loco pilot falls asleep while driving train, collides with another train, then third…

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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There was a train accident five days ago.

A major train accident took place in Punjab five days ago. Two freight trains collided with each other near Madhopur in Sirhind of Fatehgarh Sahib. After this, the goods train collided with another engine and overturned and got stuck in the Ambala to Jammu Tawi passenger train Summer Special. In the accident, the coaches of the freight train collided with each other. Now the report of this incident has come out. The cause of the accident has been ascertained.

The report said that the pilot and his assistant fell asleep while driving the goods train and failed to brake when the red light came. The Loko Pilots Association has accused the Railways of making train drivers overwork. Hundreds of passengers were traveling in the passenger train at the time of the accident. According to the investigation report, passengers escaped the accident because the Jammu Tawi train was running at a slow speed of 46 km per hour due to yellow light. The accident took place on June 2 at 3.15 pm between Sirhind Junction and Sadhugarh railway station.

The work is being done against the rules

“If you look at the roster chart of these drivers, you will be surprised that they worked for many consecutive nights, which is against railway rules,” said Sanjay Pandi, executive president of the Indian Railway Loco Runningmen’s Organization (IRLRO). If railways overwork its drivers, such incidents are bound to happen, which pose serious safety concerns for drivers as well as train passengers.’

Drivers do not get rest

He said, ‘According to the rules, railway drivers can be made to work nine hours and a maximum of 11 hours. I have seen many cases where drivers work more than 15 to 16 hours. However, officials have fraudulently shown the two-hour rest in the roster charts to show that they rested between duties.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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