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Leave the story, those 4 characters are what makes Mirzapur 3 a must watch

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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4 important characters of Mirzapur series

Badal, status and terror, if anyone has these three then understand that it is Baahubali. Although the name of South Superstar Prabhas comes to mind when this name comes, but when it comes to UP, the meaning of Baahubali changes. Mirzapur, a web series that chronicles those musclemen and their strength, has started its third season. This season is much slower than the previous two seasons and that chaos seems to be missing this season. The story has taken its shape and expanded but the real attraction of this season is not the story but its three important characters. However, there are 4 characters in this season who have completed this season. Let’s know who these 4 characters are.

Ali Fazal in the role of Guddu Pandit

This season Guddu Bhaiya has been the center of the entire story and his cruelty has been shown. His dominance has increased but in the absence of Kalin Bhaiya. The footage that was taken by Munna Bhaiya in the first season and Kaalin Bhaiya in the second season has now been given to Guddu Bhaiya in the third season. It also has maximum screen space.

Mirzapur Guddu Bhaiya

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Pankaj Tripathi in the role of Kalin Bhaiyya

Pankaj Tripathi is the life of this series and fans watch this series only for him. There is no doubt about it. But his entry in this season comes only after half the story is over. But the excitement of his entry is the real hype point of this series. As in the first two seasons people were eager to see him, the same was the case this time too. The makers have amped up this absurdity a bit more. Kalin Bhaiyya has found life again in this season. So there is sure to be a huge fight in the next season. A great battle of mighty men.

Mirzapur Golu

Shweta Tripathi in the role of Golu

Golu’s character has emerged the most in this season. Its action is amazing. He has become Guddu Bhaiyya’s right hand man and has acted in this role with utmost sincerity. On several occasions, his character has been seen rescuing Guddu Bhaiyya, making a good impression of him. He is an important character this season and is subpar in terms of acting.

Rajesh Tailang as Ramakant Pandit.

This is the most underrated character of the entire series that should be talked about. Rajesh Tailang has done the best acting of his career in the role of Ramakanth. It is amazing to see the way they stand with their rock-like principles against the corrupt system and powerful strongmen. This season is a must watch for his role and acting.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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