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Lalu lost to me 5 times, Nitish is honest… Pappu Yadav’s Big Statement after Lok Sabha Elections

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Pappu Yadav is an independent MP from Purnia.

Pappu Yadav has made a big statement after winning the Lok Sabha elections from Purnia. Pappu Yadav has described Nitish Kumar as an honest leader. He said that people close to Nitish may be wrong, but Nitish’s image is clean. MP from Purnia has also made a big comment about Lalu Yadav. He has said that Lalu Yadav has lost to me 5 times in Purnia.

In the TV-9 special program 5 editors of Bharatvarsha, MP from Purna, Pappu Yadav said – Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister only because of Bihar. Bharat Gatbandhan made several mistakes in Bihar, due to which RJD and Congress lost 26 seats.

Pappu Yadav further said that if Congress fights alone in Bihar in 2025, it will get more advantage. He said that now Tejashwi Yadav needs an alliance. Let’s know what else Pappu Yadav said in the interview…

All Hemkhem naked except Nitish Kumar

During the interview, Pappu Yadav said that except Nitish Kumar, all Hemkhem are naked. Pappu Yadav further said that people close to Nitish may be wrong, but Nitish is never wrong. They always do it right.

Why did Pappu’s love for Nitish suddenly increase? In response to this question, Pappu said – I always say wrong to wrong. Be it my rival or friend. According to Pappu, Nitish may have weakened politically, but he never encouraged wrongdoing.

Who said about the defeat in Purnia?

Pappu Yadav has also made a big statement about his victory in Purnia. He said that no one has lost and no one has won in Purnia. He said that the people have won in Purnia. People were fighting this election.

Regarding the relationship with the Lalu family, Pappu said- Lalu Yadav offered me to contest from Madhepura and Supaul, but I promised the people of Purnia, so I contested from Purnia itself. Pappu Yadav said that Lalu Yadav is a strong leader of Bihar and people consider him as God.

Pappu further said that Lalu Yadav has already lost to me 5 times in Purnia. This time the margin was also less.

What was said on joining the Congress?

Pappu Yadav has also made a big disclosure about joining the Congress. He said that a day after I met Lalu Yadav, I got a call from Priyanka Gandhi. Priyanka asked me to join Congress.

After this offer I spoke to my wife. He told me that if you join the Congress, Laluji will be upset. Pappu further said that I did not care about Lalu Yadav’s displeasure and decided to join Congress.

Congress could have won more seats if it fought alone.

Pappu Yadav also made a big comment about Bharat Gatbandhan in Bihar. He said that if the party had contested alone in Bihar, it would have won at least 7 seats. Whoever took the decision about the alliance in Bihar was wrong.

Pappu Yadav was asked if Lalu Yadav does not want expansion of Bihar Congress? On this question, he said that he himself should know what is in Laluji’s mind.

Pappu further said that Tejashwi was responsible for the defeat in 21 seats in Bihar. He made many mistakes, which cost India. His statement about voting for NDA is also wrong.

NEET exam should be cancelled, money should be checked

Pappu Yadav said that when NET exam can be cancelled, then why is NEET exam not cancelled. He said that crores of rupees are charged for each question. According to Pappu Yadav, the coaching mafia hacked the entire examination system of the country.

Pappu Yadav further said that we will think about their struggle. He said- My old fight track has been bad. So, I will decide the next fight by talking to my followers and supporters.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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