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Lady Dawn, who was on the run, was seen boarding a general compartment at Katra station… Accused in Delhi’s Rajouri murder case.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Lady Don Anu

A man named Aman was killed in a firing at a Burger King outlet located in Delhi’s Rajouri Garden on Tuesday night. Aman was hit by 38 bullets in the firing. Police are looking for suspect Lady Don Anu in this case. According to police, CCTV footage of Anu has surfaced in which she is seen with a trolley bag at Jammu’s Katra railway station.

When the police got the details, it was found that this video of Lady Don Anu of Katra station is dated June 20 and she is seen boarding a moving train. It also has a trolley bag. This video of around 10.06 am has surfaced. Anu was sitting in 12474 Bombay Swaraj Superfast train from Katra railway station. She was sitting in the last coach i.e. general compartment of this train. Police suspect that Anu may have got down at a station in Gujarat state. Currently, the police are making continuous efforts to trace him.

Who is Lady Dawn Anu?

When the police investigated the matter, a lady don’s name came up. Police suspect that the girl who was seen with Aman inside the Burger King is in direct contact with the Neeraj Bawania gang. After investigation, the police found that Aman was a victim of a gang war. Anu is an associate of gangster Himanshu Bhau and his name has already figured in cases related to him. She is a resident of Rohtak, Haryana.

The girl who was seen inside the outlet with Aman has been identified as Lady Dawn Anu. She is the one who honeytrapped Aman and took him to a Burger King outlet. The police are continuously searching for this girl. Police say that this girl is an important character in this whole murder. The same woman named Anu was present with Aman at the Burger King outlet. Earlier also he was wanted in an extortion case related to gangster Himanshu Bhau.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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