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Kosi river flood: Kosi desolation, no bridge far and wide… How is this village traveling by boat?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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He was forced to cross the river at the risk of his life

It is raining continuously in Bihar these days. Nepal is also releasing large amounts of water into the Kosi river, causing flood-like conditions in the low-lying areas of Bihar. One such case has come to light from Darbhanga district, where a flood in a village has created a situation where the people of the entire village are facing great hardship. Flooding has made it difficult for people to leave their homes. Villagers have only one boat. Daily and essential needs have to be traveled by a single boat.

The case is from Barhara village of Kiratpur block of Darbhanga district. The whole of Bihar is currently suffering from floods and rains. The situation is such that almost all the areas around the river Kosi are under flood. Nepal has been periodically releasing water into the Kosi River, further exacerbating the problem. In Barhara village, life has become chaotic due to flood. Only one boat has become a base for people. Villagers have to cross the river by boat to transport daily and other essential commodities.

No help is being provided by the administration

People can be seen crossing the river on boats carrying daily items as well as bikes. At this time the rivers are in full swing and crossing the river by boat at such times is tantamount to risking life. Many times, more people than capacity are forced to cross the river risking their lives. Despite this difficulty, no relief work is being done by the district administration. No government boat has been arranged for the villagers. Villagers are also worried about food items.

He was forced to cross the river at the risk of his life

Prabhat Kumar, a local resident, said that the villagers were forced to cross the Kosi river in boats risking their lives. There is no way to cross the river Kosi. That is why people resort to boats. Prabhat further said that at a time more than 20 villagers go by boat. As there is no government boat to bring the daily essentials, the people have to face a lot of hardship. Boat owners charge Rs 40 from each person and Rs 50 from a bike, while Rs 20 is charged separately for any kind of sack. Sometimes there are more people in the boat than it can hold, so there is always the danger of the boat capsizing.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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