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Khap Panchayats, in a mood to confront the government on love marriage, made this demand on live-in relationship.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Khap panchayats are in a mood to confront the government

Haryana’s Khap Panchayats have made a special demand to the government. During a meeting in Jind, Khap Panchayats demanded a strict law against love marriages and live-in relationships. During the meeting, khap panchayats have demanded the central government to bring a strict law to make parental consent mandatory during love marriages and ban live-in relationships altogether. Khap has demanded the government to take action on this issue during the Parliament session.

Several khaps, including Kandela, Majra, Naugama, Binan, Kalwa Tapa, Thuwa, have demanded legislation on both issues. Khap leaders say that if the NDA government does not bring a bill on both issues, the opposition parties should raise the voice of social families in the Lok Sabha and take a decision on this. During the meeting, panchayat leaders said, parents bring up children till the age of 18 and after that they shatter the parents’ dreams and run away with Aadhaar cards to get married without father’s permission.

‘Live-in Relationships Shame’

The leaders said that therefore the central government should bring a law on this issue. Apart from this, the marriage age of girls should be reduced instead of increased. The government should fix the marriageable age of girls at 16 years because in today’s era they mature fast so that they can get married soon. Apart from this, Khap has also demanded the government to take action regarding live-in relationship. Gurvinder Singh Sandhu, coordinator of 24 khap panchayats of Jind district and head of Majra khap, said that live-in relationship is a shame for the society.

Action should be taken in the current session

He said that we are demanding action on both the issues in the current session. Otherwise, after the session, Khap Panchayats of Haryana will convene a state level meeting and take a big and tough decision. Love marriages and live-in relationships without parental consent are no longer accepted in society. The ruling parties and the opposition parties should come together to save the social culture of the country, which is gradually adopting western culture.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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