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Kedarnath: Hey! The mountain of snow started to flow like water, see VIDEO

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Ice mountain slides in Kedarnath

Kedar region of Uttarakhand witnessed a terrifying avalanche on Sunday morning. Here, above the Gandhi Lake, a mountain of ice suddenly began to flow with the water. At that time a large number of devotees were going towards Kedarnath temple. Whoever witnessed the scene could not stop himself from capturing it on his mobile phone camera. It was a scary scene though. After the pictures and videos of this incident went viral on social media, the Uttarakhand government has also confirmed it.

Said that there was no loss of life and property in this incident. According to information, a large number of people were moving towards the Kedar temple chanting the Bholenath mantra on Sunday morning. The gopura of the temple was in front, but behind the temple there was a very captivating view of the mountain peaks. In such a situation, people were also keeping an eye on the mountain. Meanwhile, a flood of snow began to flow down from the top of the mountain. In such a situation, people present there started recording this scene with their mobile phone cameras. The incident took place in Rudraprayag district.

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So far 6 lakh people have had darshan of Baba

Rudraprayag SSP Dr. According to Visakha Ashok Bhadane, the incident took place around 5 am. He said that the incident was certainly scary, but no devotee or local people were harmed in the incident. This time, as the month of May begins, the arrival of devotees coming to Kedarnath has increased rapidly. About 6 lakh people visited Baba Kedarnath in the first week of the Yatra.

Why do avalanches happen?

According to DM Rudraprayag, more than 7 lakh devotees have benefited from Baba’s darshan since May 10. According to information, avalanches in the Himalayan mountains are not new. In fact, the Himalayan peaks are always covered with snow. Under such circumstances, whenever there is any movement below the surface, the icebergs begin to move. Many times such incidents cause huge losses.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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