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Karthik Aaryan’s Chandu Champion slows down, next two days will prove the future of the film

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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How much did Karthik Aaryan’s film earn?

Karthik Aryan Chandu Champion Box Office Collection: Karthik Aryan’s film Chandu Champion has been released. The film had a slow start but picked up in the middle. Now once again the pace of the film has slowed down which does not bode well for its future. The budget of the film is said to be Rs 120 crore. In comparison, the film could not even earn 50 crore rupees in 8 days. In such a scenario, the next two days will decide whether the film has the potential to reach Rs 100 crore or not.

Chandu Champion earned Rs 35.25 crore in the first week. After this the film earned 2.50 crores on the 8th day. Thus the total collection of the film has reached Rs 37.75 crore in 8 days. Last Saturday and Sunday, the film earned around Rs 17 crore. Now this film of Karishma has to be repeated again. If the film earns around 60 crores then the film can earn little by little and reach 100 crores in the coming days. However, with the arrival of Kalki in 2898 AD, even this would become less likely.

Getting good views

By the way, Kartik Aryan has indirectly reacted to this. The actor believes that the earnings of the film do not matter to him. Working in this film was a great experience for him. Many celebs are also seen praising this film. Everyone from Kapil Dev to Vidya Balan has watched and praised the film. Apart from this, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor have also become fans of Karthik’s acting after watching this film. Karthik Aryan has worked hard for this film and now his hard work is paying off. Currently the film needs to improve its condition at the box office.

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