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Karauli: First the girl got burnt in the fire, then her parents poisoned her… The innocent 10-year-old girl could not speak.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The police have made a major breakthrough in the case of burning a nine-year-old deaf and mute girl 100 meters away from her house in Hindaun, Karauli. Bharatpur IG Range Rahul Prakash said that on the morning of May 9, a 10-year-old mute girl was doused with petrol 100 meters from her house in Hindoun, Karauli. After which the family admitted the girl to the government hospital in Hindaun, from where the girl was referred to the Sawai Mansingh Hospital in Jaipur. The girl was naked. During the preliminary interrogation by the police, the girl’s family members also expressed their apprehension that the girl had been raped.

Bharatpur IG Range Rahul Prakash said that a deaf and mute specialist spoke to the girl on May 14 during her treatment at Jaipur’s SMS Hospital and recorded her statement, in which she denied being raped. The deaf and mute specialist also showed the girl 10 to 12 photographs on her mobile, in which the girl recognized a person. The police also conducted a DNA test of the girl. Even the DNA test report did not confirm the rape of the girl.

On May 20, the girl died during treatment and on May 21, the family performed the last rites in the girl’s village. IG Rahul Prakash said that the girl was studying in a residential deaf-mute school in Karauli and had come home two days ago due to holidays. After the girl’s death, the police conducted the postmortem of the girl by the medical board, the police and doctors were also shocked to see the report.

The poison was administered 24 hours before death

The post-mortem report revealed that the girl was poisoned 24 hours before her death. That is, someone poisoned the girl during the treatment in the hospital itself. The doctor said that the girl’s condition was improving during treatment, but on May 19, the girl started breathing due to poisoning. The doctor did not know how to poison the girl. For this reason doctors could not treat the poison.

According to the doctor, when the girl’s condition started to deteriorate, the family members advised her to be put on ventilator. The mother of the girl gave written permission to the doctor to put the girl on ventilator. The police suspected only her parents and maternal uncle of poisoning the girl.

The girl had a quarrel with her mother

Investigation by the Special Investigation Team revealed that on May 9, the girl had an argument with her mother. In anger, the girl poured petrol on herself, due to which she got burnt. The girl’s parents hid the entire incident from the police and filed a case against unknown persons. Meanwhile, the girl was undergoing treatment at the burn unit of Jaipur’s SMS Hospital, where her condition was steadily improving.

The parents gave the child an insecticide

At SMS Hospital, the parents and maternal uncle gave the child antiseptic medicine. Due to which the girl’s health deteriorated on May 19. On this the hospital staff sought the family’s consent for ventilator support, but due to a conspiracy, the parents and maternal uncle did not consent and the girl died a few hours later. Now the police have arrested the girl’s parents and maternal uncle.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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