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Kannauj: One son in America, another in Bengaluru… Father living alone at home dies, body rotting for 3 days

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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An elderly person died in Kannauj

An incident has come to light from UP’s Kannauj which has shocked the entire society as well as showing a mirror. The father worked as a laborer all his life, taught the children and when they grew up left the father in search of employment. While living alone in the house, the father met with an accident and died in agony in his own house. His death might not have been so painful if a family member had been with him. The dead body lay in the house for two-three days, after which the smell was reported to the neighbors and the body was taken out.

The whole matter is of Gwal Maidan of Kannauj Sadar Kotwali area. 75-year-old Arun Chandra Mishra was living alone in his house. Arun has a complete family. There are two sons out of which one son lives in America and the other son lives in Bangalore. Arun’s wife lives in America with a son, while Arun is spending his old age alone in his ancestral house in Kanauj.

The deceased did not leave the house for several days

Old Arun did not leave the house for several days. After this, some youths living in the neighborhood started smelling bad smell from their house, after which the police was informed. When the police broke the door of the house, everyone was stunned. Old Arun was sleeping face up in the verandah of the house. Beside him was placed a bucket which was half full of water, from which it is believed that the old man stood up to fill the water and slipped and fell. Due to which he fell unconscious with some injury and there was no one to take care of him or save him, due to which he died in agony.

Despite having two sons, the father lived alone

Tears came to the eyes of whoever came to know about this incident. The one word on everyone’s lips was what is the use of such a large family which cannot keep an old man with them. The father who worked hard all his life, educated the children and enabled them to make a name for themselves in the society, but the same children left their old father like this in his last moments. Today this old man had to pay the price with his life.

The body was sent for post mortem

Even at this age, even if the elderly have insisted on staying here, considering their age, children should not be left here alone. Old Arun was working in a private factory in Kanpur. After retirement he settled in Kannauj. He taught both his sons. Sometimes both the sons came to meet the father. But if the same family had been with this old man, his death might not have been so painful. Now, after coming to know about the incident, the police reached the spot and took possession of the body and sent it for post-mortem and the family members of the deceased have also been informed about this.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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