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Kanchenjunga accident: Goods train driver not at fault, claims union

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Kanchenjunga train accident

After the driver of the dead goods train was being blamed for the accident near New Jalpaiguri in West Bengal, now the drivers’ unions have produced some documents in support of the goods train driver, in which the drivers’ unions have proved the innocence of the goods. Train driver.

On 17 June, a goods train later collided with the Kanchenjunga Express at New Jalpaiguri, killing the driver of the goods train along with 10 others, while over 40 others were injured. The railway board held the deceased goods train driver responsible for the accident, but now the drivers’ union has produced some documents to prove the goods train driver’s innocence.

A ‘scapegoat’ is being made

The Drivers’ Union, in support of the deceased driver, referred to official letter T/369 (3B), in which the driver of a goods train was cited for crossing two faulty signals after the Ranipatra station complex, where the train had a speed limit. Maintenance of 15 km/h was mentioned but in another letter – T/A 912, no method was mentioned regarding train speed. Driver unions say that the driver of the goods train also died in the accident and we don’t know his side, so blaming him is tantamount to making him a ‘scapegoat’ for the railway’s shortcomings.

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The working chairman also gave a statement

Indian Railway Loco Running Man Organization (IRLRO) working president Sanjay Pandi in his statement on June 21 said that all seven train drivers passing through Ranipatra station after 5.50 am will be given T/T for crossing nine faulty signals and no speeding. A separate T/369 (3B) was issued to cross the two signals immediately after exiting the Ranipatra station premises with a speed limit not specified and a speed limit of 15 kmph. He further said in his statement that letter T/369 (3B) and existing rules for driving in multiple faulty signals prove that the goods train driver was crossing all the faulty signals at normal speed.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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