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Kalki was being told that it was a copy of the Hollywood film Dune, but the truth turned out to be something else.

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How different is Kalki from Dune?

South superstar Prabhas’ film Kalki took a long time to make. The budget of the film is said to be Rs 600 crore and the film is the most expensive film in the history of Indian cinema. The film is not only doing well in the country but also in the whole world at the box office and in 10 days the film has done wonders. This film also took a lot of time to make. The film was in talks as Project K for the last 3-4 years. Now, since it is such a big film, many kinds of talks were going on around it. Meanwhile, there have been some claims about the film being a remake of the Hollywood film Dune. Many people have agreed with this after watching the trailer. But let us know what the truth is.

What is Kalki’s story?

As for Kalki, the story of the film is set against the backdrop of a dystopian society. The film depicts a fictional future and is linked to Hindu mythology. According to Hindu mythology, this is the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This film is based on this avatar. It also takes characters from Mahabharata references. This fusion of past and future has paid off and people are connecting with this fantasy story. The first part of the film is out and now fans are waiting for the second part.

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What was Dune’s story?

Talking about the Hollywood movie Dune, this movie also did amazing work at the box office and was loved all over the world. The story of the film was on a dystopian background. It shows how those in power oppress the common people and their aim is to increase their dominance. People are living a monotonous life in a completely ruined society. They are being persecuted. It is adapted from a novel by American author Frank Herbert published in 1965. His story does not match Kalki’s.

What are the similarities and differences between the two?


Talking about the movie, Kalki 2898 AD showed a lot of similarities. The background and shooting locations of both the films seem to be the same. Because a dystopian society is created about the future and water scarcity in the future is assumed to be certain. As such, whenever a dystopian society is shown, both show a desert area so that it can be related to the situation at that time. This similarity was seen in both the films. Also, in a dystopian society, people are living in poverty and helplessness. The only demand of such a society is survival. This point is also a similarity between the two films.


But there are many differences between these two films which prove that Prabhas’ film is not a remake of Hollywood film Dune. And the biggest difference between the two films is its story. While on the one hand the film Doon tells the story of power, possession and rule, on the other hand if we talk about Kalki, it is directly taken from the Hindu mythology that people love to connect with. While the stories of both the films are different, Prabhas’s film cannot be a copy of Do in any way.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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