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‘Just dump me somewhere’… Dad embraces death on Father’s Day, writes emotional suicide note to son

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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“I am defeated by my problems. Now he is not able to bear it. That is why I am committing suicide. Don’t program, throw it somewhere. Love you son.” A father wrote these things in a letter to his son on Father’s Day and then hanged himself. After reading the suicide note, everyone wonders why a father made such a request to his son, refusing to even cremate his body and asking him to dump it somewhere.

This shocking incident took place in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh. On Father’s Day here in Naini area, a father took a step that sent shockwaves throughout the house. Sanjay Saxena, a resident of Naini, wrote an emotional note to his son and said goodbye to his life. Sanjay Saxena was running an NGO and was in financial trouble for some days. Today on Father’s Day, while Sanjay’s wife and son were out for a walk, he ended his life at his home.

The body was hanging from a rope in the room.

According to Prayagraj police, when Sanjay Saxena’s family returned home, Sanjay was nowhere to be seen. Family members thought he was sleeping in an upstairs room. When he went there, he found her dead body hanging from a rope. When the room was searched at the spot, a suicide note was found. The family is in deep mourning after this incident. According to the police, Sanjay was very disturbed these days. A suicide note has also been found from Sanjay, in which it is written.

The police sent the body for postmortem

Dear son Prem, “I am defeated by my problems. Can’t see you upset like this. That is why I am committing suicide. Now, son, I have nothing to say, nothing to bear. I am defeated by life. You and Anamika take care. Now he is not able to bear it. Don’t program, throw it somewhere. Love you son.” At present Naini police have taken the body in their custody and sent it for postmortem and are busy with the investigation.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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