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Job with salary of 80k… target to steal 2 mobiles per day, supplied abroad.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Police have seized 79 mobile phones from the gang members.

Nowadays, youths are seen struggling to get jobs paying Rs 8,000 per month. At the same time, there is a gang that employed a minor for 80 thousand rupees a month. The job of the people working in the gang was to go into the crowd and steal people’s mobile phones. He was given a target of stealing two mobile phones a day. Stolen mobile phones were sent out of the country to Bangladesh.

Now this gang has been caught by the police. The police busted the gang and arrested 7 of its members. Ratu police of Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi have arrested seven members of a mobile phone stealing gang. Two of these thieves are minors and have been sent to a children’s home. Police have recovered 79 stolen mobile phones from the accused. An eighth member of the gang managed to escape. Police are busy looking for him.

80 thousand rupees of theft was given

According to the police, a Sunday bazaar was organized on the night of June 18, which drew huge crowds. Meanwhile, people caught the minor stealing the mobile phone. People informed the police and handed him over. The police questioned him and the police were also surprised to hear this. The minor thief told the police that he works in a gang of mobile thieves. He gets 80 thousand rupees per month for this work. He has been given a target of stealing 2 mobiles per day.

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Police raids on gang hideouts

A police team got information about the gang from a minor thief and raided his hideout. A gang of mobile thieves live on rent in the house of Bittu Chowdhury, who lives in Kamde Surya Nagar, Ratu Police Station area. Police arrested 6 thieves including a minor from there. One thief managed to escape. All the arrested thieves are residents of Tinpahar in Sahibganj district and come from the same family.

The stolen mobile phones were sent to Bangladesh

Police have sent Jitendra Nonia, Puswa Nonia, Ladu Nonia, Arjun Nonia and Mithun to jail. Two minor thieves have been sent to a children’s home. The police said that this vicious gang used to steal mobile phones from crowded areas. They used to carry out thefts together. He used to steal the mobile and immediately give it to his other partner. The thieves told the police that they were sending the stolen mobile phones to Bangladesh.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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