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Jitendra Awhad: ‘If you have the courage, then what kind of meeting is this…’, Jitendra Awhad’s open challenge to Ajit Pawar

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The issue of NEET exam scam is currently in the headlines in the country. This subject is related to the future of lakhs of students. Investigative agencies are taking swift steps to find out the masterminds behind the scam. Some suspected accused have been arrested. Jitendra Awad of Sharad Pawar faction has become aggressive on the issue of NEET exam. He has attacked the BJP government at the Center. “In the last 70-75 years of history, the condition of education has never been so bad. Jitendra Awad said, “If you do not check the quality in an exam like MBBS, and give the exam only on the basis of merit, then the future of this country is in darkness.”

“The whole house participates in an exam. Sisters, brothers, relatives, parents, everyone is involved. Mother does everything for the children, just think about that. How many tears will be in the mother’s eyes, children will be in depression. They have nothing to do with this useless government,” said Jitendra Awada. “Ajit Pawar held a press conference. He said he is going to meet NEET students of Mumbai-Pune. How do you meet them? You are involved in that government. Your friends are party ministers. Demand the resignation of the minister at the Centre, otherwise you should resign,” demanded Jitendra Awada.

‘The operation will be done on the chest instead of the stomach’ Are you joking?’

“We will meet again, if you have the courage, resign.” Jitendra Awad said, “Hold the top government accountable.” “These MBBS students will go on to become gynaecologists, neurosurgeons. You will give them your body. What will they do? An illiterate person will become a doctor by paying 5-10 crore rupees. Your chest will be operated upon instead of your stomach. Are you joking? You are playing with the public. What will this doctor do next?” This question was also asked to Jitendra Awad.

‘Is this a theme in your house?’

“Students have wasted a year. Is the year important or not? Age increases. What will hard work do? The government should atone. The government should tell the truth. How can a major exam be outsourced to a private agency? Is this your domestic issue?” Such questions have been asked by Jitendra Awad.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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