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Jayant Patil: Modi Sattavar Yatach Krantikari Gosthi Khadlya; NEET Mistakes Jayant Patlancha Kachtoon Chimta

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Jayant Patla’s loud voice

There is a lot of confusion across the country regarding the NEET exam. New revelations are being made in this matter every day. And one accused has been found alone. Or new things happening every day. Jayant Patil, state president of Nationalist Congress Party Sharad Chandra Pawar, has once again besieged the government on this issue. State president Jayant Patil has raised a loud voice against the government through his former handler.

Revolutionary things gong

This is also a contract

In his reaction he said, Narendra Modiji may have said that he will take many revolutionary decisions in the first hundred days of his tenure, likewise, many revolutionary things are going to happen, he said. He must have made mistakes in his NEET and other exams.

Central Govt Youth Future Game

In the first ten days, the UGC NET exam was cancelled, the NEET exam was canceled due to paper shortage and the NEET Post Graduate exam was also postponed. He kept saying that ‘the future of the country is being shaped in the open spaces of the country’, but seriously accused the central government of playing literal games with the future of the country.

Level applicant responsibility center

Or young men and women are troubled because of Anagondi. These decisions were taken under the influence of some young women, and the responsibility was handed over to the central government by Esel Asa Isharahi Patil. He criticized the government’s policy and examination process. A major controversy has surfaced over the NEET syllabus and NET exam in the country and the opposition and central government drivers are vocal.

Give examination rights to states

What does cancellation of half the exam after 12 hours indicate? Raising the question, Jayant Patil remarked that the states should be given more autonomy in this matter by conducting entrance exams at the state level, as the central government wants to keep everything in its hands or else problems will arise.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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