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Jamner Police Thanawar Jamwakdu Dagfaek, Minister Girish Mahajan Yane Tharar Sangitela

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Jamner Police Thanwar pelted stones at Jamwakdu last night. Or even some police personnel have been injured due to stone pelting. CCTV footage of the incident has also surfaced. The event itself will be quite mind-blowing. Or the intervention of Minister Girish Mahajan. Girish Mahajan reached there after learning about the incident. Also he gave information about mediums or events. “In a village in Jamner taluka, six-year-old Mulivar was subjected to torture and torture. While the girl was playing in the rainy season, Tarun took care of her mother. Tiachayavar is a very evil type of torture. Hey kuni kelan hota he sarva sodhe zalne. People demanded that the accused should be handed over to us instead of being taught. He doesn’t just taunt the police,” Girish Mahajan said.

“Mota Jamav Police Thanyawar Jamla and Dagdfekhi Jhali. Or the police were injured due to the excessive aggression of Dagdafekichi. An incident of vandalism took place. Or there would be a subterranean environment instead. Police have taken 15 youths into custody. There are no police records, there are videos, there is fake news and the fraud is visible to anyone. “Police is investigating the matter”, replied Girish Mahajan.

‘People’s anger and rage is the way, but…’, tweeted Mahajan

“Girish Mahajan has tweeted this incident. “People’s anger and sorrow are visible in dark night and night. The suffering of any vulnerable citizen should not be ignored and those involved in such atrocities should be condemned. Or I am also very distressed and distressed due to some unfortunate incident. But my humble request to everyone please wear Bhavana Hour. No one should take the law into their hands. Let the investigative system do its job. The guilty person is ordered to provide maximum education or to undergo thorough investigation. I am monitoring the situation. This is the administration’s message to provide immediate all necessary help to the victim’s family”, said Girish Mahajan.

Eknath Khadse and Amit Shah meeting?

“The meeting between Amdar Eknath Khadse and Union Home Minister Amit Shah was excellent. I look forward to seeing good in their meetings. Amit Bhai and others in BJP can tell about this. What was discussed is not my imagination. Eknath Khadse and I are not in any trouble and there is no immediate contact”, Girish Mahajan clarified.

“Nashik teacher constituency is being awakened by Shiv Sena. He has fielded a candidate again. So, would the BJP have woken up or would Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar have fielded a candidate? Yes, the question does not arise. “Tee Jaga Mahayuti is strong and Mahayuti candidates are fierce”, Girish Mahajan reacted.

What did Girish Mahajan say about Maratha reservation?

Girish Mahajan responded to Maratha leader Manoj Jarang Patil’s demand. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis gave reservation to the Maratha community when he was the Chief Minister. Half of such efforts never materialized. Nationalist Sharad Pawar ruled politics for 50-60 years. He says this, has he tried anything for bananas? Has he ever reserved anyone? On the contrary, Sharad Pawar’s statement is that why is there a need to give reservation to the Maratha community? Our battle continues in the Supreme Court. The government will reserve the same. Those who need it should get reservation. We are in favor of reservation, it is the government’s role to ensure that Kunwar is not wronged”, responded Girish Mahajan.

‘Pankja Munde should be elected to Rajya Sabha’

“I am not aware of the demand to send Majji Minister Pankaja Munde to the Rajya Sabha. We demand that Pankaja Munde be elected to the Rajya Sabha. What is the problem? He is a leader, he is a senior leader. It is a joy to be elected by all the states,” said Girish Mahajan Mandal.

What did Mahajan say about exiting North-West Mumbai Lok Sabha?

The results of the Mumbai North-West Lok Sabha constituency are being questioned by some. Girish Mahajan reacted to this. “Please keep calm guys. It turns out. Instead of blaming each other, I think preparations should be made for the next Assembly. The three of us are together. For no reason, it would be like throwing balloons and throwing sweets. It is not right to talk to each other accusing each other. There is a meeting today. I am speaking for the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Ministers,” Girish Mahajan said.

What did Mahajan say about OBC reservation?

“False debate is unacceptable. The issue is unknown. Todga nihat asato on him. The road is near. It just needs to be discussed. Tell Navnath Waghmare that I am your representative in OBC movement too. Your experts will be such panch-te-sah lok pathwa charchatoon marg nigal”, said Girish Mahajan.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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