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Jabalpur: ‘Don’t waste…’, a youth stabbed himself to death after explaining the price of water

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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After explaining the price of water, the man stabbed himself

It is currently hot and the entire country is facing water shortage. There was an uproar all around regarding the water. In many cities, people are also having discussions about water. But a case came to light from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh which shocked everyone. Here a neighbor beat up another neighbor for telling him the price of water.

Indeed, a tenant was misusing the water by opening a tap installed outside his house. Then the brother of the second woman tenant asked her to turn off the tap and explained the importance of water. The neighbor’s misunderstanding angered this man so much that the young man was ready to fight. During the conversation, a brawl started between the two tenants. The youth then attacked another person with a knife. In this attack, a youth who was explaining about water died while two other youths were seriously injured and have been admitted to a private hospital for treatment. Now the police have arrested the accused.

The accused intended to fight

Giving information about the entire matter, Additional SP Suryakant Sharma said that accused Ashish Srivastava’s sister and deceased Manoj alias Shiva Soni were living on rent in a house located in Shanti Nagar in Gohalpur police station area. While the accused Ashish Srivastava lives in a rented room on the upper floor. Ashish was misusing water by running the tap. When the deceased’s sister protested about this, Ashish got into a fight.

Attacked with a knife

Meanwhile, when Manoj alias Shiva reached his sister’s house late at night, the deceased’s sister mentioned a fight with her brother Manoj over water. Shiva then told the accused about the misuse of water, but Ashish was annoyed and started swearing during the arguments. In no time, the dispute between the two escalated to such an extent that during the conversation, Ashish took out a knife from his pocket and attacked Shiva. Seeing his brother-in-law bleeding, Shivani’s brother-in-law Rajendra Soni and another youth tried to intervene. While saving them, Ashish also attacked both of them with a knife. All three were seriously injured.

The accused was planning to leave the city

After reaching the hospital, the doctors declared Shiva dead. Gohalpur police reached the spot after receiving the information from the hospital. The police took action and handed over the body to the family after conducting the post-mortem of Shiva’s body. While the police team raided various places in search of the accused Ashish, the police got information that Ashish was planning to leave the city. Police arrested the accused before he could escape. Police say that a case of murder has been registered against the accused who is being produced in court.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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