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Jabalpur: 4 buffaloes missing from stable, case reaches police station; The police conducted a search

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Police in Jabalpur, a city known as the cultural hub of Madhya Pradesh, are busy searching for stolen buffaloes. Police are interrogating people in search of buffaloes. Cattle thieves have put the police in trouble. As soon as they got a chance in the darkness of the night, the thieves entered the buffalo stable and stole four buffaloes. The incident of theft created a stir in the area.

Early in the morning when the herdsman arrived to give milk, he found that the buffalo was missing from the stable. The aggrieved animal owner reached Tilwara police station and filed a complaint of buffalo theft. The police have registered a case against the unknown thief and started searching for the stolen buffalo and the accused. Buffalo theft has become a problem for the police.

There were 20 buffaloes and 2 Jersey cows in the stable.

In Jabalpur, gangs of thieves are targeting buffaloes, goats and chickens. The latest case is from Ghunsor village in Tilawada police station area. Sandeep Yadav of the village told the police that he is a herdsman. While reaching Tilwara police station and lodging a report, he said that he had opened a buffalo stable near Paras Dharam Kanta. About 20 buffaloes and two Jersey cows are kept in this stable. Sandeep told the police that he had gone to Patan village to meet his relatives. He returned at night and went to his house instead of going to the stables.

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4 buffaloes were stolen

He woke up around 4am and was going to the stables. At the same time, Sunil Yadav and Channu Yadav, who were working in the stable, called and informed that four buffaloes tied in the stable were stolen. On receiving the information, he immediately reached the stables and searched around the buffaloes along with the staff, but they were nowhere to be found. Sandeep says that the stolen buffalo is worth four lakh rupees. They allege that their stables were searched before the buffalo was stolen. The thieves knew that he was going to participate in the event and took advantage of it to steal his buffalo.

Police registered a case

In this case, Additional SP Suryakant Sharma says that the animal owner Sandeep Yadav has filed a report at Tilwara police station. The victim says that he went to Patan to attend a function. Taking advantage of the opportunity in the night, unknown thieves stole four buffaloes from the stable, after which a case under section 379 has been registered in the police station. The search for the stolen buffalo and the thief is on.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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