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Israel vs Hezbollah: Hezbollah took revenge in 24 hours, big attack on Israel

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The Israeli army carried out an airstrike on Tuesday night. A senior Hezbollah commander was killed in this. Immediately after this, Hezbollah retaliated. Hezbollah fired about 200 rockets at Israel simultaneously. Hezbollah said that it targeted Israeli military bases. After such a large number of simultaneous rocket attacks, sirens started ringing in an Israeli city near the Lebanon border.

The Iron Dome air defense system destroyed the rockets coming from Lebanon towards Israel in the air itself. No one was injured in Hezbollah’s rocket attack in Israel. Emergency has been declared in the country. Security officials have called an urgent meeting.

What is the order for villages within a radius of 10 kilometres?

The Israeli army launched an immediate retaliatory strike after Hezbollah launched a rocket attack from Lebanon. The Israeli army destroyed several Hezbollah rocket launchers. According to Israeli media, “the army has asked people in villages within 10 kilometers of the Lebanese border to stay in bomb shelters.”

How many rockets were fired simultaneously on Israel?

Israeli media has said that this is the biggest attack ever made on Israel from Lebanon. This time Hezbollah fired 200 rockets simultaneously. The main target of the rocket attack was Israel’s Rafael defense system.

Air strike in which city?

The Israeli Air Force attacked on Tuesday. In this, a senior Hezbollah commander, Taleb Abdullah, was killed. Along with him, three more Hezbollah terrorists were killed. Israel carried out this attack in the city of Jouia. The city of Jouia is located 25 kilometers away from the Israeli border in Lebanon.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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