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Is Jayant Patel not aware of such a big corruption?; Direct question to BJP leader

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Apart from other demands, a Hunter March was organized in Sangli under the leadership of Gopichand Padalkar and Sadabhau Khot for the appointment of an administrator in the Sangli District Central Bank. Also, a warning has been given to the government through this march. Padalkar and Khot have warned that if the government does not pay serious attention to the demands, they will protest further at the doors of the Ministry and Cooperative Ministers. Serving the interests of farmers through the District Bank, providing economic strength to the farmers, this important work should be done well through this bank. We are not taking any stand against these Mastwal people. Gopichand Padalkar said that he will not get up until then.

Gopichand Padalkar targeted Jayant Patel

A person who was thrown out of the village was given a loan of lakhs of rupees. If you act arbitrarily, this will not work. Many loans were given on a single loan on a building. Did Jayant Patil not know that such a big corruption has taken place? Gopichand Padalkar has targeted Jayant Patil and said that he gave jobs to ineligible people through fake certificates and extorted lakhs of rupees.

The ongoing investigation under 88 regarding the affairs of District Central Bank should be completed immediately. The bank has purchased many properties under compulsion. Loans worth crores of rupees have been given to the directors. Mahankali factory was closed and put on Jayant Patil’s neck. A conspiracy was hatched for this. Is Vasantada worthy of being taken as a grandson? Gopichand Padalkar has alleged that Vasantdada Patil opened the factory with foresight but closed it.

What was the demand from Gopichand Padalkar?

Now recruitment has been done on 400 seats. Its rating has also been done. Recovery officers are coming to your door. The recovery officers of the district bank saw that they collect 50 crores by going to the doors of the factories, to whom they do not go. All the people took wrong loans, Vasantdada Jat factory should be investigated. If the Jat factory is not investigated, we will appeal in the High Court. The personal loan case should be investigated. Gopichand Padalkar has also demanded an investigation of Green Power, Honmor.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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