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Is it raining money in impoverished Pakistan and the stock market hits a record in Karachi?

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Pakistan’s stock market is trading at a record high.

Although Indian stocks fell on Friday, money is raining in Pakistan’s stock market for the last five days. Karachi Stock Exchange is witnessing a rise of more than 10 percent in about 5 days. Thanks to this, KSE for the first time exceeded 80 thousand brands. According to experts, investors see signs of economic revival in Pakistan. The country’s fiscal deficit is decreasing and the government can take big decisions regarding privatization in fiscal year 2025. Let us try to understand, in the language of statistics, how money rains on the Karachi Stock Exchange?

Registration made in Karachi

The Karachi Stock Exchange, Pakistan’s main stock market index, is trading at a record high. According to the data, KSE first crossed the 80 thousand point level during the trading session and reached 80,059.87 points. While a day before it had closed at 78,801.53 points. However, on Friday, KSE opened at 79,664.65 points. Currently, KSE is trading at 79,243.03 points with an increase of 441 points. If experts are to be believed, the rise of the Karachi Stock Exchange may continue in the coming days.

Increase of more than 10 percent in 5 days

If we talk about the last 5 trading sessions, the Karachi Stock Exchange has given returns of more than 10 percent to investors. According to the data, on June 11, KSE closed at 72,589.49 points. Today KSE has reached a record level with 80,059.87 points. This means that KSE has seen an increase of 7,470.38 points during this period. This means that the KSE has given investors a return of 10.29 percent.

Why is Pakistan booming?

According to a Pakistani media report, the rise in the stock market is due to the strong economic outlook. Fitch estimates that there is hope for an agreement with the IMF. On the other hand, the country’s fiscal deficit has been reduced. External pressure has decreased. The current account deficit has been reduced to 0.3 percent of GDP. At the same time, investors are hopeful that the privatization plan drawn up by the government for the 2025 financial year can boost their profits. This is the reason why there is a continuous bullish atmosphere in the stock market.

Indian stock market crash

On the other hand, a fall is observed in the Indian stock market. According to BSE data, Sensex has seen a drop of up to 350 points during the trading session. At 11:50 am, the Sensex is trading at 77,330.57 points with a drop of about 150 points. During the trading session, the Sensex also touched the day’s low of 77,131.82 points.

On the other hand, the National Stock Exchange is trading lower after reaching record levels. According to the data, Nifty had reached a record level of 23,667.10 points. She subsequently reached the lowest level of the day with 23,491.50 points. Nifty is currently trading at 23,541.95 points with a drop of more than 25 points.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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