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Is BJP trapped in triple ‘M’? This is the reason for poor performance in Bengal

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Mamata, Muslims and BJP.

After BJP’s dismal performance in West Bengal, it is now being reviewed within the party. BJP leaders believe that internal divisions, organizational weakness, under-deployment of central security forces and lopsided voting by women and Muslims in favor of TMC are the reasons for BJP’s poor performance. According to BJP’s review, Muslims and women in rural areas voted wholeheartedly for TMC and Mamata Banerjee. ‘Triple M’ – BJP caught in confusion of Mamata, women and Muslims.

This is the reason why TMC has managed to perform better this time than last time. This time TMC won 29 seats, while BJP managed to win only 12 seats. Compared to 2019, it lost six seats, while the TMC gained seven seats.

BJP leaders also believe that the Calcutta High Court decision during the recent elections also went against them. In this decision, the Muslim quota in OBC reservation was cancelled. Due to this, the Muslim votes rallied behind the TMC, due to which the BJP suffered losses.

A false propaganda was spread among Muslims that BJP canceled their OBC reservation, when in fact BJP had nothing to do with it. The way the TMC capitalized on this issue, it captured the Muslim votes directly and did not divide them between the Left and the Congress.

Women did not get votes in rural areas

Despite making the message gap a big issue, the BJP has not been able to win women’s votes in the state. Women especially in rural areas voted in favor of TMC. Lakshmi Bhandar Yojana plays a major role in women vote for TMC. The scheme has a major impact on the poor in rural areas and has a major impact on slums in urban areas.

Women voted more than men in many assemblies. The poor were threatened that the benefits of the Laxmi Bhandar Yojana would be stopped if they did not vote. The effect of this trick of stopping ration, stopping water was seen on the voting.

Despite the decrease in BJP’s seats, its vote share increased.

BJP got 39 percent and TMC 45.7 percent votes. BJP has got lead in 100 assembly seats. TMC has performed well in more than 100 municipal corporation areas. BJP performed well in cities, while TMC fared much better in rural areas.

According to a BJP leader, the BJP’s seats could have increased if the central forces were more numerous, as many voters did not reach the polling booths for fear of TMC goons. The paramilitary force stays outside the booth, but to come from the house to the booth, the TMC goons intimidate them and run away as soon as the paramilitary force arrives.

People voted fearlessly due to the presence of central forces, but the state police rendered them ineffective in many areas. According to BJP, TMC is involved in politics of violence and administrative abuse. Many people voted for TMC out of fear and to avoid TMC harassment.

Candidates who were victims of graffiti

According to BJP’s assessment, some of the candidates were not well selected due to which it faced defeat. The state could not curb factionalism in the BJP. BJP’s organization is not strong in many areas and voters could not be brought to the polling station at the time of polling.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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