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Inflation shows no signs of stopping, tomato price in Delhi crosses 80

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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The tomato turned red due to inflationImage credit source: PTI

Despite the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) tireless efforts, inflation shows no signs of stopping. The main reason for this is food prices. Take the country’s capital Delhi, for example, where tomato prices are hitting new records every day. On Friday, the price of tomato here crossed Rs 80 per kg. Inflation was expected to come down after the rains, but on the contrary, food prices are rising.

This year, the supply of tomatoes has been less due to the scorching heat. Due to this, the price of tomato has reached Rs 80 per kg in the retail market of Delhi. While till a few days ago, the prices were less than Rs 50 per kg. If we talk about the level of inflation in the country, the food inflation rate still remains around 8 per cent, even though the core inflation rate has come down.

Tomatoes are getting expensive even in Safal stores

Mother Dairy supplies fruits and vegetables on a large scale through its successful stores in Delhi-NCR. At present, the price of tomato has reached Rs 75 per kg, even at Safal store. While the price of tomato in the open market has reached Rs 70-80 per kg.

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Mother Dairy spokesperson says that the tomato crop has been affected due to extreme heat this year in the main tomato producing areas in the mountainous areas. Therefore, due to the low yield, the supply of tomatoes in the retail markets has been limited. Following this, the prices have increased.

Tomato surpasses the 100 mark on its online platform

On online grocery platform Blinkit, tomatoes are being sold at a price of Rs 80 only in Delhi areas. However, in many areas of NCR, the price of tomatoes has reached Rs 120 per kg.

However, according to data from the government’s consumer affairs department, the retail price of tomato in Delhi is Rs 55 per kg. On Friday, the average price of tomato across the country was Rs 58.25 per kg, while the maximum price of tomato was recorded at Rs 130 and the minimum price was Rs 20 per kg.

Apart from tomatoes, an increase is also being seen in the retail prices of potatoes and onions. The average all-India retail price of potato and onion was recorded at Rs 35.34 per kg and Rs 43.01 per kg, respectively.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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