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Indore-Rishikesh: Girl’s mutilated body found in two trains… now third train entry in murder mystery, this connection revealed

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Six severed body parts of a girl have been recovered from two separate trains. The police of the two states are busy solving the case. But now another train has entered this murder mystery. It is also held that the accused may not be one but more than one. According to the police, after committing the crime, the accused took a train from platform number 5 and fled from there. As the trolley bag does not have a handle, the number of accused is believed to be more. It cannot be operated easily without a handle. The human body parts of the woman were packed in a trolley bag and two sacks and kept in the coach of the train.

The investigation so far has revealed that the accused or the accused kept the trolley bag and body bag in the coach near the guard before Ujjain in the train coming from Nagda. When this train reached Ujjain station, another bag (hand-feet) was kept in the Rishikesh-bound train. They then escaped from the third train standing at platform number five. The Railway Police has announced a reward of Rs 10,000 to anyone who reveals the identity of the accused in this case.

What has the investigation revealed so far?

On Saturday night, the dismembered body of a woman was found in a trolley bag and a sack in a train returning to Indore from Mahoo via Nagda. Both had two body parts, but not two arms and two legs. Two hands and two legs were found in a sack of rice between the couplings of S-1 and S-2 in the train which left Laxmibai Nagar at 3.15 pm on Saturday and reached Rishikesh on Sunday evening. After this the police inspected the status of arrival and departure of both the trains. It was later learned that between 5 pm and 5.30 pm both the trains were at platform number 2 and 3 of Ujjain.

It is believed that the accused kept a sack in the Rishikesh Express here. CCTV cameras were searched here for two days. But some cameras were switched off and no suspicious person was seen at the gates leading to and from Ujjain station. During the investigation on Wednesday, the police found that the Bhopal-Dahod train was on platform number 4 at that time. The police expressed the possibility that the accused had boarded the train from Nagda to Mahu from somewhere before Ujjain. The accused then got down at Ujjain station and left the sack in the Rishikesh train.

All CCTV cameras are being verified

After this, boarded the Bhopal-Dahod train and went to Nagda. According to TI, the sack found in Indore is of Ujjain brand of rice, which was found in Rishikesh and belongs to Navsari district of Gujarat. As the words ‘Miraben’ and ‘Gopal Bhai’ are written on the hands of the woman, it is believed that the girl is either from Gujarat or from the area of ​​Madhya Pradesh which borders Gujarat. An investigation is currently going on in this matter. The police are again carefully checking all the CCTV cameras.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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