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IND vs USA: 3 results in India vs USA match, will Pakistan get a shock?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The T20 World Cup tournament is being held in America and West Indies. The tournament is now progressing slowly and the picture of the Super 8 round is becoming clear. After South Africa, Australia has confirmed its place in the Super 8 round. At the same time, the 25th match of this tournament is being played between India and America. It is certain that the winning team of this match will get a ticket to the Super 8 round. But if this match does not get rained out, then both these teams will go to the Super 8 round and the remaining three teams will be out. Rain is forecast in Nassau County International Stadium. The India-Pakistan match was also interrupted by rain three times. But the game was stopped after 20 overs and India won. On the other hand, the India-America match got rained out and the match was not played, but Ireland and Canada including Pakistan got out of the Super 8 round. According to the weather department report, there is a possibility of rain in today’s match.

There is a possibility of rain before the match starts. There is a possibility of rain with thunder. Therefore, it is possible that the ground may get wet before the match. Also, there will be 64 percent humidity in the atmosphere of New York. Therefore, this match may be disrupted due to repeated rain. Therefore, if this match is cancelled due to rain, then Pakistan’s team will be out of the T20 World Cup. Because if the match is cancelled, both teams will be given one point each. India and America will get 5 points. Whereas the other three cannot get five points.

Pakistan’s place in the Super 8 round is completely dependent on India. If India wins today’s match, Pakistan will benefit. Also, we have to pray that USA loses to Ireland. If USA loses both the matches, only four points remain. In this way, Pakistan will get a chance to reach the Super 8 round. Pakistan can enter the Super 8 round on the basis of net run rate by registering a big margin win against Ireland in its last match.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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