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In the reservation dispute, ‘this’ 3 year old GR is discussed again and again, what is the dispute after all?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The reservation dispute has now come back to the Maratha-Kunbi issue. BJP leader Pankaja Munde and OBC leader Laxman Hake are saying that those who get Kunbi records will have to give certificates. But they have demanded not to give fake certificates. On the other hand, Maratha leader Manoj Jarange has said that the government itself is admitting that Maratha and Kunbi are the same in the documents of the previous government. Interestingly, the Maratha-Kunbi community in Khandesh from which Minister Girish Mahajan comes is a Maratha. But during the discussion, Jarange said that Girish Mahajan has claimed that Maratha and Kunbi are different. Secondly, OBC leader Laxman Hake has claimed that Maratha and Kunbi communities have different deities and rituals. 3-year old GRs have been discussed, or quoted, repeatedly in the reservation debate. The first is the 1962 GR. Another is the 1994 GR. And the third is the 2004 GR.

Other backward castes are listed in the GR of 1962. There are a total of 180 castes. Kunbi is mentioned at number 83. In the GR of 1994, the total reservation as OBC category was 14 percent, which was increased to 30 percent in this GR. That is, 4 percent for Vimukta Jatis and Nomadic Tribes and 10 percent for Other Backward Classes. It was amended and divided into 4 groups of nomadic castes. According to this, 4 percent reservation was given to Vimukta Jati A, 2.5 percent to B, 3.5 percent to C, 2 percent to D and 14 percent to Other Backward Classes. That is, the reservation was increased from 14 percent to 30 percent.

What is GR of 2004?

After this comes the GR of 2004. Castes included in the list of Other Backward Classes were added to it. In position 83 of this GR, there is a mention of Maratha Kunbi and Kunbi Maratha. In this, the government has talked about including the serial number of similar caste and original caste afresh. At present, claims and counter-claims are being made on the basis of similar and original castes and sub-castes. Earlier, when Fadnavis had raised the issue of Maratha-Dhangar and Muslim reservation, at that time it was said in the provisions of the law that caste and sub-caste are not different.

If we talk according to the law, then many castes including Muslims, Brahmins, Lingayats have got Kunbi records, they have also demanded reservation from OBC. There is also criticism of what Laxman Hek and Pankaja Munde are giving in the caste-subcaste dispute. Laxman Hek and Pankaja Munde claim that out of 288, there are more than 150 Maratha MLAs. But while giving these figures, according to the claim of both the leaders, Maratha-Kunbi are the same. So why is it said that both are not together in the matter of reservation? Reservation expert Balasaheb Sarate has criticized this.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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