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In Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’, Jatayu flew with this trick, thus the Pushpak Vimana was created.

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This is how the Jatayu scene was shot
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Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’, made in the 80s, is still in discussion for one reason or another. The serial was made in an era when there was no VFX or CGI technology. It had many scenes, which Ramanand Sagar did with Jugaad. A special trick was also adopted to show Pushpak Vimana and Jatayu flying. This was mentioned by Sunil Lahiri who played the role of Lakshman in ‘Ramayana’.

Sunil Lahiri once told the audience how Pushpak Vimana and Jatayu’s flying scenes were shot. According to Sunil Lahiri, Jatayu’s costume was too heavy. It weighed so much that after donning the costume, the wings of the jatayu were attached to the actor’s arms in the costume, so that the wings could move along with the arms.

Jatayu’s scene was shot like this

On Jatayu Udan, Sunil Lahiri said that the scene was shot with great difficulty. He said that the actor was blown off the hook by wearing the costume for the character. Many difficulties were faced in shooting this scene. Sunil Verma played the role of Jatayu in this serial. Apart from this, he also played many characters in ‘Ramayana’. He also played Ravana’s son Chyavan and sage Sutiksna.

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Ramanand Sagar Ramayana how and Pushpak Vimana scene Jatayu scene was shot

Sunil Lahiri said that Pushpak Vimana has been an important part of Indian culture for thousands of years. He said that Pushpak Vimana is thousands of years old and keeping that in mind its model was also prepared for the serial. Sunil Lahiri said that no one has seen the Pushpak Vimana till date, so the Pushpak Vimana shown in the serial is based on imagination. According to him, some sketches were prepared for this, which were made keeping in mind the personality of Ravana. After talking to several people, the final sketch was prepared and thus the design of Pushpak Vimana was ready.

Ramayana Pushpaka Vimana

Apart from this, Sunil Lahiri also shared an incident related to the shooting of Rama-Ravana war. Many soldiers were shown in this scene, but in reality it was not. Sunil Lahiri said that many people were present in this scene. Around 8 feet tall mirrors were installed inside the studio for this shoot. A part was left in it so that a camera could be installed there. The camera was adjusted in some way so that it could not be seen in the mirror. This setup created an effect as if thousands of people were present. A plate of it was made by Chroma and placed behind Ravana and Rama.

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