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IIT-Bombay: ‘Ramayana’ desecration has cost IIT-Bombay students dearly.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Eight students of IIT-Bombay have faced severe consequences for insulting the Ramayana. Students of IIT-Bombay presented a play titled Rosie ‘Rahovan’ on 31st March during the institute’s annual art festival. ‘Rahovan’ was a play based on Ramayanavar. The allegation of desecration of Ramayana by some students would be trivial. IIT-Bombay has imposed a fine of Rs 1.2 lakh each on eight students for not heeding the complaint. Graduation students have been fined Rs 1.2 lakh and junior students have been fined Rs 40 thousand. After receiving complaints, a disciplinary committee was set up. The institution itself has taken punitive action based on the recommendations made by them.

The Performing Arts Festival is an annual cultural event of IIT-Bombay. Yes Festival was organized in March this year. At that time the play ‘Rahovan’ was performed in the open theatre. Within a few days, some clips of the play went viral. Due to the reference to Ramayana, debates started on the issue of freedom and religious sentiments. Complaints were made in writing to or against the organization. Speaking to TOI, a complainant said, “Many Anganis found the play ‘Rahovan’ offensive. “Students mock feminism and empty culture.”

How did information get leaked on social media?

Students enjoy academic freedom. Hence, to ensure that no religion is insulted on campus in future, the institution has claimed with a social media handle that it will lay down guiding principles. As some students have said this is a very harsh procedure. The play was well received by observers and examiners, some students say otherwise. IIT-Bombay officials did not want to comment on the matter. How did secret information related to the proceedings get leaked on social media? or another student demanded that the institution clarify the same.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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