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If you are troubled by your drunken husband, form a ballan gang… what the minister said advising women?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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What did the minister say about advising women?

Madhya Pradesh Social Justice Minister Narayan Singh Kushwaha has given a beautiful advice to women to get rid of alcohol addiction. He said that women should ask their husbands to bring home alcohol and drink it. He further said that I advised the previous government to ban liquor. The minister said that liquor is available even in states where liquor is banned.

Social Justice Minister Kushwaha, while addressing a program of an organization called Nasha Mukti Abhiyan Manch, asked women to ask their husbands to bring liquor home and drink it. She said tell those who come drinking to bring it home, your husband will feel embarrassed when he drinks in front of the kids. After this, the addiction to alcohol will gradually go away.

Took a vow of freedom from addiction

The minister also advised women to form balan gangs. He said that women should show the fear of the cylinder to drinkers. Don’t cook for people who come home drunk. Create a community so that such people feel ashamed of themselves. The minister flagged off the Janjagriti Rath as part of the drug addiction campaign in Bhopal. In the program, the minister also took an oath of abstinence from intoxication.

Politics started on the statement

After this statement of Social Justice Minister Narayan Singh Kushwaha, now politics has also started. MP Congress spokesperson Sangeeta Sharma said that alcohol is one of the causes of domestic violence in MP. Bringing alcohol home and drinking it will increase the cases of domestic violence. If the wife picks up the rolling pin, the husband will also respond. The Congress spokesperson further said that the minister should apologize to the women for his statement. He said that instead of giving such advice, the government should ban liquor.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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