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I would prefer to live in a live-in relationship instead of getting married; ‘Sairat’ fame Tanaji comments on wedding preparations

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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These days destination weddings, lavish expenses and royal weddings are done. Money is spent like water in weddings. Having a royal wedding has now become a ‘status’. But is it really necessary to spend so much money and get married in royal style? Such a question has been asked by ‘Sairat’ fame actor Tanaji Galgunde. During an interview, Tanaji has expressed his opinion about wedding arrangements. Tanaji Galgunde has said that instead of spending so much on a big wedding, we should have a registered marriage.

What did he say about life and relationships?

I don’t like marriage. Maybe I went too far. But I can’t get married right now. Now I only understand life and relationships… You like someone. Tanaji said we should live with them.

What is Tanaji’s opinion on the huge expenses of marriage?

He doesn’t know whether he likes you or not, meeting someone before marriage. Still I am not ready to marry that girl. Everyone used to come together… but then why so much expenditure for one day… 5-10 lakh rupees. After spending so much, the groom will be thrown out. Tanaji used to dance and said why do you do all this.

If you want to dance with your friends, then let’s have a small party. We will dance in that party… I have a different opinion that I think live-in relationship is better. But if marriage has to be done then it should be done in a registered manner. Do not spend too much. The marriage took place in two-four thousand rupees. Tanaji said that I am liking this.

Who is Tanaji Galgunde?

Tanaji Galgunde is a Marathi actor. He has worked in the superhit film ‘Sairat’. He played the role of a lame person in the film ‘Sairat’. The audience still remembers his role. He has worked in many films even after Sairat. Tanaji has worked in films like Bhirkit, Free Hit Danka, Hakku Kadak, Guest, Musandi, Maja Agdabam, Navardeva BSC Agri, Ghar Bandook Biryani, Jhund, Mansu Milayange. His acting has a different fan base.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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