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I would have suffocated…; Swara Bhaskar expressed her grief, told the reason for not getting work

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Actress Swara Bhaskar is constantly in the headlines for her bold statements. Due to this, she often has to face trolling. But in a recent interview, Swara revealed that due to her outspoken nature, she has lost work many times. In this interview given to ‘Connect Cine’, Swara said that due to her open nature, outspoken statements, not only directors-producers but also some actors of the industry distanced themselves from her. “I do not want to show that I am a victim. Because I have chosen this path. I have decided for myself that I will speak openly and express my views on issues. I could have chosen to remain silent. Swara said, “There was no need for me to write an open letter about the Jauhar scene in ‘Padmaavat’.”

“You can make a lot of complaints about me,” he said about his choice to express himself freely. “I can be liked or disliked. I think even those who hate or despise me will not be able to say that it is fake or bogus. They will not be able to say that I try to portray a person that I am not in real life.” My opinion does not change according to my interaction with people. I treat everyone equally. If I could not say all this, I would be suffocated.”

“You can say I am ready to take a bullet in the war. But when you actually get that shot, it really hurts. So, I have to face the consequences of the opinion I expressed. Before my daughter Rabia was born, acting was my biggest love. I loved acting. I wanted to play different roles. But I didn’t get that many opportunities. I also had to pay the financial and emotional price of not getting projects. There were also concerns about reputation. I got the tag of a controversial actress. Directors, producers, distributors started talking bad about me. You get an image. It’s not that these things don’t affect me. No matter how much I try to show that I don’t care, it hurts me. It feels very sad not to be able to do what I love the most”, Swara expressed her feelings in these words.

Swara was last seen in the film ‘Jahaan Chaar Yaar’. She told about the reaction of her boyfriend Fahad Ahmed (now husband) after watching the film. She said, “That film did not do well, but I worked hard. Because that role was against my nature. After the screening, he came to me and said, you have really sacrificed a lot, you have to believe. You are such a good actress, you should work more. Now you should shut up (stop expressing opinions freely) and work in a film. Hearing these words from his mouth, I felt that this work is worthwhile. I do not even express the pain of not being able to work in films to my parents. My brother understands a little about this but we do not talk much. Now after the birth of my daughter, I have started talking about it openly.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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