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‘I threatened Pankaja Munde for the first time in my life’, audio clip of Shinde faction’s district chief goes viral

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Has the leader of the Shinde faction helped the Sharad Pawar faction candidate in Beed? Such a question arises. The reason behind this is also the same. An audio clip of a leader of the Shinde faction is currently going viral on social media. ‘TV9 Marathi’ does not confirm this audio clip. But this audio clip has sparked various discussions in the political corridors. An audio clip of Shivraj Bangar of NCP Sharad Pawar faction and Kundlik Khande of Shinde faction is going viral. It is being claimed that this clip is from the time of the Lok Sabha elections. In this clip, Kundlik Khande of the Shinde faction is heard saying that this is the first time I have threatened Pankaja Munde. Kundlik Khande has said that he helped NCP Sharad Pawar faction candidate Bajrang Sonawane at 376 booths. Kundlik Khande is the district head of Beed belonging to the Shinde group.

What exactly is the conversation?

Kundlik Khande, district head of Shinde Group: I have done all the work for Bappa. Now he should put forward his point. Pankaja Tai got only 100-200 more votes in my village. Because I needed to do this.

Shivraj Bangar of Sharad Pawar Group: Yes

Kundalik Khande: I don’t want to be called a racist. We have the advantage of OBC votes in the assembly. It is equally true that I have given the remaining 376 booths to Bappa. That is why I threatened Pankaja Munde for the first time in my life.

shivraj bangad :Not just the system, payment for Bappa also?

Kundalik Khande: Not just the system, I paid the people as well.’

What really happened in Beed?

A close contest was seen in Beed in the Lok Sabha elections. The real contest in Beed Lok Sabha constituency was seen between BJP candidate Pankaja Munde and NCP Sharad Pawar faction leader Bajrang Bappa Sonawane. This fight was very tough. Till the end of the counting day, there was suspense over who would win in Beed. Ultimately, Bajrang Bappa Sonawane won this election by a very small margin of votes. Pankaja Munde lost.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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