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I am very sad, MP Amritpal Singh said on mother’s statement ‘She is not a supporter of Khalistan’

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Amritpal Singh

Punjab’s Khadur Sahib Parliamentary Constituency MP Amritpal Singh has distanced himself from a statement made by his mother Balwinder Kaur on the day of his swearing-in, in which she said that Amritpal Singh was not a supporter of Khalistan. He also warned his family and supporters not to make such statements on his behalf. Khalistan is a separatist idea whose proponents demand a separate Sikh nation. As the controversy grew, the jailed Sikh leader clarified the matter through his team from jail last Saturday night.

In response to a question, Amritpal Singh’s mother Balwinder Kaur said, “Amritpal Singh is not a supporter of Khalistan. Voicing for the rights of the people of Punjab and working for the welfare of the youth does not make one a Khalistan supporter. He further said that he contested the election within the ambit of the Indian Constitution. Now he has also taken oath of the constitution. In such a case, it should not be mentioned in this matter.

After the controversy, Amritpal had to give an explanation

A video of his statement went viral on social media, to which many Sikh fundamentalists strongly objected. His mother on Saturday appealed to the Sikh community not to misinterpret his statement as the controversy escalated. Meanwhile, Amritpal’s statement also came out on Saturday night.

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A statement issued by Amritpal from jail said, “I was deeply saddened when I read the statement given by Mataji yesterday. Although I believe that Mataji said this unintentionally, such a statement should never come from my family or anyone who supports me.

The dream of Khalsa Raj is a matter of pride: Amritpal

Amritpal further said, “To dream of Khalsa Raj is not only a right but it is a matter of pride. Countless Sikhs have sacrificed their lives for this dream and we cannot even imagine straying from this holy path. I myself have announced on many platforms that if I ever have to choose between Panth and my family, I will always choose Panth without any hesitation.

The Lok Sabha MP further said that the historical example of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur’s young companion is proof of this principle. When the mother tried to protect her son by denying her Sikh identity, the boy bravely pointed out that if she claims I am not a Sikh, then she is not my mother. “While this example may seem harsh for this situation, it deeply reflects my unwavering commitment.”

Advising his family, Amritpal Singh said, “I categorically warn my family that it is inappropriate to even think of compromising the concept of a Sikh state. “Such mistakes should never be made in future while communicating with the company.” However, what is noteworthy here is that the issue of Khalistan was missing from the Lok Sabha election campaign of the fundamentalist and separatist Sikh leader and he was only presented as an anti-drug and religious preacher.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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