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I am saddened by this incident, the culprits will not be spared… Bhole Baba came forward for the first time after the Hathras accident.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Baba Surajpal alias Bhole Baba

After the Hathras accident, Baba Surajpal aka Bhole Baba has come forward for the first time. Baba Surajpal said that he is sad after this incident. Criminals will not be spared. He said that the miscreants responsible for the tragedy will not be spared. Bhole Baba asked to maintain faith in the administration. Give me the strength to fight through this hour of sorrow. Talking to news agency ANI, Baba Surajpal said that I am very sad after the July 2 incident. May God give us strength to bear this pain. Please have faith in the government and administration.

Baba Surajpal said that I am confident that whoever spread the chaos will not be spared. I have requested the committee members through my lawyer AP Singh to stand by the bereaved families and the injured and support them throughout their lives. 121 people died in stampede during Bhole Baba’s satsang.

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Baba Surajpal came forward 4 days after the accident

Baba Surajpal was missing since the Hathras accident. He has come forward for the first time four days after the tragic incident. However, about 30 hours after the accident, a written statement from Baba was released, in which he condoled the dead and wished the injured a speedy recovery. In his written message issued on Thursday, Baba Surajpal said that some unruly elements had caused this stampede, which led to such a major accident.

The Hathras incident shook the entire country

This heartbreaking incident in Hathras shook the entire country. The matter has gone to the Supreme Court. Baba Surajpal hired AP Singh, a senior advocate of the Supreme Court, to oversee the functioning of the court. This is the same AP Singh who fought the case of Nirbhaya case accused Seema Haider and 2020 Hathras case accused. On the other hand, the main accused of the accident, Dev Prakash Madhukar, has been arrested.

Baba has an empire of crores, followers in many states

Narayan Sakar Hari aka Bhole Baba has an empire of crores. Baba Surajpal has ashrams in many states. Suraj Pal considers himself a servant of God. Devotees consider him as an incarnation of God. Bhole Baba belongs to the Jatav community. His devotees are more in the poor class. It has deep penetration in ST-ST and OBC community.

He has great influence in Hathras, Etah, Agra, Mainpuri and Shahjahanpur. He has many followers in UP, MP, Rajasthan. It also has presence in Delhi, Haryana and Uttarakhand. Every satsang has a crowd of lakhs. There are about 25 Ashrams of Baba in Uttar Pradesh.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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