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I am a hostage from childhood, for the fourth time, Bidya Pyacho ani… Vijay Shivtare’s statement discussion.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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A celebration was organized to celebrate the brilliant students who stood first in class 10 and 12 at the Acharya Atre Auditorium at Saswad. Former Minister Vijay Shivtare will be present at that time. While interacting with the students, Shivtare shared his childhood memories and stories. Meanwhile, a lot of discussion is going on regarding the statement given by him. Vijay Shivtare said that I am a very funny and mischievous person. He made a random rule that during the fourth period you had to drink alcohol and you would get dizzy. He told many stories to evoke his childhood memories. In the recently held Lok Sabha elections, Shivtare would have thrown the baton against Baramati Ajit Pawar. He announced that the election will be held against Sunetra Pawanan. Only then did the band Tandvalan and he took Magahar. Ata is again in the news due to her speech.

What did Vijay Shivtare say?

Intelligent children are the future of the taluk, state and country. Confidence is important in adverse circumstances. My dream was to become Marathi Dhirubhai Ambani. I have a lot of sticks in Lahapani, I’m a terrible stick eater. I did everything very carefully, when I was number four I drank bidiya, I felt dizzy and read. Yavar, what is Basel’s validity? Go to the herd in the fourth season, at which time the fish will steal the money, bring the bundle and cover it. Shivtare made an alarming revelation about this story while feeling dizzy. The Principal of Saswad was present at the auditorium in Sohlyala on Saturday to welcome the gifted students here. Then he told this story. But hey sangatnach, I would have been in the first place. I never practice, I never get first rank, Asan said.

Ajit Pawar was sentenced in Baramati

A war was going on between Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar in Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. Or Supriya Sule won the election. Vijay Sivataren’s Bandachi was discussed as more than just a fight between two people. Or Ajit Pavaranchi would have roared in the polls for a while. Vijay Shivtaren, who has become a staunch political enemy of Ajit Pawar, may have planned to contest the Baramati elections. Eventually, after much mediation, Shivtar’s group joined forces and won the Baramati elections. Shivtar talked about that. The soil of Purandar is not only good but also has the qualities of intelligent and intelligent people. Maharashtra Hadrun would have been kept for fifteen days. I stood up rahilo asato tar bawanahi padoon khasad jhalo asato, said Shivtar.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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