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How much space will Shinde group and Ajitdad get in the assembly What has BJP played? What is Rohit Pawar’s big claim?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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How much seats will Shinde group and Ajitdad get in the assembly?

Assembly elections are expected to be held after the monsoon season. Hence, various political parties are making accusations and counter-accusations against each other. Counter claims are also being made regarding the election. Sharad Pawar leader Rohit Pawar has made a big claim today. Shinde group and Ajit Pawar will be in trouble in assembly elections. Also, what is the role of BJP? How aware is the BJP? This information has been given by Rohit Pawar. Those media people were very communicative.

Nationalist Ajit Pawar Ghatache MLA Rohit Pawar was upset with the statement of MLA Amol Mitkari. Mahayuti will get 55 seats, but we are not satisfied, we will give 100 seats to all parties. Amol Mitkarini used to say that if 100 people fight, everyone will start fighting. Yavar Rohit Pawarani has reacted. Rohit Pawar has claimed that 200 seats will be contested by the grand alliance BJP and Shinde and Ajit Pawar group will contest the remaining 88 seats.

BJP won 200 seats

Senior leader Ajit Pawar’s Gatla will get 20 to 22 seats and Shinde Gatla will get 30 to 35 seats, Rohit Pawarani expressed. Rohit Pawar has also claimed that no matter how many doors are broken, the BJP will not contest the 200 vacant seats.

Udya speaks Marathi

In the Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s Sujay Vikhe Patil challenged Nilesh Lanka to speak in English. After becoming an MP, Nilesh Lanke took the oath in English and gave this answer to Vikhe Patil. Then Rohit Pawarani took aim at Sujay Vikhenwar. Lanke responded by swearing in English. Only in this way, he attached himself to someone because of his language, because of his lust. Also, the public, not succumbing to the pressure of power and wealth, has given elections to Lanka. Today I will speak in English, in future I will speak in Marathi, said Asahi.

No need to take them

Sharad Pawar had earlier said that Ajit Pawar should think about the leaders who are coming in Sharad Pawar’s direction. Rohit Pawar reacted to this. We have the same idea. My only statement is that we should not accept those who are against Pawar sahib, against common people and against selfish politicians. He made it clear that no matter who the leader is or what kind of pressure he is under, such people have no intention of accepting responsibility.

They feel like the government

He also commented on Punyathil’s drugs party. The state home minister is busy breaking houses and breaking up parties. Even though you are Home Minister, Devendra Fadnavis is unknown. BJP is our government, thugs and drug dealers think so. Hence, he warned that drugs, Koyta gangs, rape, encroachment, attacks on journalists have increased in the state.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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