How many seats will BJP get in Modi 3.0, brokerage house figures are out…

The Lok Sabha elections have reached their final phase. Now the voting for the last seventh phase will be held on Saturday, June 1. After this, the result of the Lok Sabha elections will be declared on June 4. How many seats will they give to anyone today? This is going to be clear. But political analysts are making predictions about the elections. Now on June 4, it will be known whether BJP will come to power for the third time or there will be a situation of ‘India Shining’ like 2004. Now how many seats will BJP get from various brokerage houses of the country? Information has been given in this regard. Brokerage houses PhillipCapital, IIFL, JMFL and Bernstein have made their estimates. How many seats have brokerage houses allotted to the ruling BJP and NDA?

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According to PhillipCapital's estimate, in the base case, i.e. under normal circumstances, BJP will get 290-300 seats while NDA will get 330-340 seats. If the results come as per the forecast, there will be a positive trend in equity, corporate earnings and economy. This brokerage house announced that in the bull case, i.e. aggressive situation, BJP will get 325 seats. Also, NDA has been predicted to get 360 seats. The bear case means that in the worst case scenario, BJP will not get majority on its own. But NDA government will come.

What are the estimates of other brokerage houses?

Brokerage house IIFL estimates that BJP will get 320 seats in the base case. According to JMFL, BJP will win 299 seats. BJP is also estimated to get 290 seats in the bear case. BJP will get 310 seats in the bull case.

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Brokerage house Bernstein's prediction for BJP and NDA is quite high. In the base case, they have predicted NDA to win 330-350 seats. In the bull case, BJP alone can get 290 seats. At the same time, NDA can get more than 340 seats. Overall, most of the predictions of the brokerage house are in favor of BJP. They believe that under the leadership of Modi, BJP will form the government at the Center for the third consecutive time. The incident of 'India Shining' in 2004 will not be repeated.


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