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How long can a person survive on water alone? What actually happens to the body after giving up food?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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We see a lot of fasts. Often hunger strikers are taken to the hospital. So we need food to survive. No person can survive for long by drinking only water or liquids. We have to eat to run all the systems of the body smoothly. Can a person survive by giving only water? How long can such a person survive? What is the opinion of experts in this regard? Many people announce political hunger strikes? At that time they are drinking water or at least their fans request them to drink water. But can you survive on water instead of food?

What actually happens in the body after you skip a meal?

If you don’t eat, the first thing your body starts using is carbohydrates. The fat present in the body starts getting destroyed. That’s why people with more body fat can live longer. After this, the body starts getting depleted of protein. When you reach a situation where your body starts getting depleted of protein, then understand that your body has started deteriorating…

How long can a person survive without food?

The body needs water. In our country, fasting is used as a weapon to fulfill many demands. Mahatma Gandhi used water as a weapon to get the country independence. hunger strike Once he sat on a hunger strike for 21 days. Senior social activist Anna Hazare was also on a hunger strike for several days. There are reports of people surviving after getting lost in the forest or trapped in the debris of a building. According to doctors, a man can survive for eight weeks on food, but he must have water. Also, he should be a healthy person.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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