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How is ice cream made? Is it a profitable business?

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Ice cream… In the summer season, where people’s mouths water when they hear this name, at this moment a piece of news attracts attention and it is the discovery of an amputated human finger in an ice cream cone. Well, without paying too much attention to this news, you will definitely be able to find out how ice cream is made, what machine is needed and whether your business is profitable.

If you want to start an ice cream business, you need to keep two or three things in mind. For example, the first thing is which market you should target, that is, if you want to serve ice cream like Amul, Mother Dairy or if you want to create a brand like Naturals or NIC. Secondly, what will the price of your product be? Will the price you have decided on suit the location of your business?

If these 3 things are done, no one can stop your ice cream business from being successful. Now do you know how to make ice cream?

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How to make ice cream

Ice cream is actually a dairy product. Its main ingredients are milk, condensed milk, sugar and cream fat. Apart from this, flavors or fruits and nuts are also used. Egg is also added to ice cream in foreign countries, but it is not at all popular in India.

Ice cream is made in a very basic way. In this case, the milk is first pasteurized. Then it is mixed with the rest of the ingredients and flavors. When a thick texture is ready, it is filled into molds, cups or cones and left to freeze. In commercial production, some stabilizers are also added that increase the shelf life of the ice cream.

Start your own ice cream business.

The ice cream business is done in two ways. The first way is to open a store that sells ice cream of a big brand, where you will earn income from the margin. Another way is to create your own brand of ice cream. In this you can give uniqueness to your flavors and you can also decide the margin according to your choice. India’s famous ice cream brand Naturals also started in a similar way in Juhu, Mumbai.

This is how you can start a business.

If you have solved the market research, market location and pricing problems mentioned above, let’s now look at the tools you will need for your ice cream business. You can start very basic and expand your business later.

However, to start an ice cream business, you need to have blenders or ice cream makers. Apart from this, you must have a freezer, refrigerator, storage space, packaging material, disposable cutlery, generators and a billing system.

Apart from this, you will also need to employ up to 5 people in the beginning to run the ice cream business. In this there will also be two qualified people, who will be able to do the work of operating the machine and preparing the mixture. However, if you set the standard for your product, you will be able to train unskilled labor later.

How big is the market and how much profit will be made?

According to a study, the ice cream market size in India will be around Rs 44,000 crore by 2026. You can start this business at the smallest level with a cost of just Rs 5 to Rs 10 lakh. You can expand it later. Initially, this business makes a profit of Rs 60,000 per month, which then increases according to its scale.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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