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How did Aamir Khan’s son Junaid get selected for ‘Maharaj’? Director Siddharth Malhotra told the truth

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Aamir Khan’s son Junaid has made his debut with the film ‘Maharaj’. Image Credit Source: Social Media

Siddharth P Malhotra’s ‘Maharaj’ has created many records on OTT. This film is the debut film of Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan. Along with Junaid, the film will also feature actors like Jaideep Ahlawat, Shalini Pandey and Sharwari Wagh in lead roles. Streaming on Netflix, Maharaj is being appreciated not only in India but also in many countries outside India.

In an exclusive conversation with TV9 Hindi Digital, ‘Maharaj’ director Siddharth P Malhotra shares interesting tidbits about his film, the controversies surrounding the film and the casting of Junaid Khan.

‘Maharaj’ has finally released and people are loving it, so are you relieved now?

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Now there is a sense of relief. The last few days were very difficult for us, but it felt good when the film came out and reached people. Because for some time people did not even know that the film has been released. I remember the movie released on Saturday and the reviews of the movie started coming from Monday. Then after three days the trailer of the movie came and the songs were uploaded after the trailer. The poster was released after the songs. The whole trend of this film was different. In fact, any filmmaker wants you to get everything right so that people want to watch the film and then they watch the film. But here everything was reversed.

Maharaj’s story is inspired by a book, but the film was banned. However, this book is still present on the book stands. Did you expect the court to order a stay on streaming like this?

No, I absolutely did not expect the film to be banned like this. I believed that people should watch the film once before closing it, because I believed that after watching the film, no one would have any objection to it, as the film is not against religious leaders. This is just against the thinking of a religious leader. We were shocked when the film was banned. We thought, we are neither hurting anyone, nor are we speaking against any religion, nor have we hurt anyone’s sentiments. In the film we have shown the journey of Karasandas, who is a social reformer and is fighting for religion and not against religion.

In this fight, other priests supported Karsan against one priest. You are learning a lot from this movie. That is why we do not understand what is objectionable about this? People initially thought that the film would show objectionable things in the book and about the case. But we have not included the controversial part in this script. So we hoped that when people watch this film, everything will be fine.

The film is getting a lot of appreciation, did you get any feedback from the industry?

Javed Sahib (Javed Akhtar) praised me for ‘Maharaj’. I am a big fan of him, I am also a fan of Aamir Khan. He has also praised this film a lot. Suraj Barjatyaji praised. Many people I know and many people whom I don’t know have congratulated me for this film. People are loving the dialogues of the film and the credit goes to actress Sneha Desai who is playing the role of ‘Bhabu’ in our film. He has written these dialogues.

Aamir Khan’s son Junaid has made his debut with this film, how was the casting?

I already knew Junaid. I watched one of his audition tapes. However, it was made for another film. But after watching that tape I thought he was an amazing actor. At the time of ‘Maharaj’, I told Adi (Aditya Chopra) that if we cast a famous hero for this film, he will bring with him the filminess and baggage that is already associated with his name. That’s why I need a new face for this film. I also told Adi that I have seen Junaid’s audition tape and I like it. Adi had also watched Junaid’s audition tape and seemed to agree with me. Then I narrated the script of the film to Junaid, he liked it, I narrated it to Aamir Khan, he also liked the film and we started working on the film.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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