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Hindus get one rupee and Muslims less…? What is Abdul Sattar’s demand?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Sambhajinagar – We have 100 days, so all decisions will be taken in public interest. This much work has been done for the first time in the year 17 and 18. I would like to thank the Chief Minister that he has allocated Rs. 60 crores have been given. Maharashtra’s Muslim population is 18 percent and the budget should be given accordingly. I am really thankful to Eknath Shinde sir for giving me this fund considering Muslim religion. But you have to think about them, said Minister Abdul Sattar.

Whichever account I am the minister of, the first commissionerate of that account should be but in my Sambhajinagar. I am the minister of which account, but that account should become commissionerate first, but one such minister in my Sambhajinagar, Abdul Sattar, has said this time. You have 14 acres of land belonging to the District Magistrate’s office, of which 5 acres should be given to our department, Sattar said at this point.

The heaviest mosque in the Haj House has just been built, some people are protesting against it, if I were the agriculture minister, I would have given a peak insurance of Rs. If our Hindu brothers are getting one rupee, our Muslim brothers should also get 10 paise. Respect is given to other people as Hindus are respected in the country, a little less but we should also be respected. Abdul Sattar said at this time that the government has helped us to create a future, given us 60 crore rupees under skill development, we will also start Gharkul Yojana.

To do justice, I will examine it again …

Mala Marathi Yeta Nahi Mala people did not vote, I came to know that Marathi Mala people chose the election. 3 lakh 20 thousand Hindu brothers are my constituency, so I am elected. If you judge you must look at society, you must look at caste, but you must look only at me. I am really thankful to Eknath Shinde Sahib, I first thought about Muslim religion and gave him this fund. But you have to think about them. The discussion of removing my hat has just begun. Who will come and make a hat? He said at this time that everyone was curious as to whether the petitioner would ever come.

The group did not take the boat of giants.

My Hindu sister-in-law also votes. Every time I get 30 to 40 thousand votes. Some people even say that Silodach is being diverted to Pakistan.. In this way, Abdul Sattar would not have taken Ravsaheb Danwe’s boat to him. Minister Abdul Sattar said that I appeal to everyone that no caste or religion should be seen. I went In government Abdul Sattar said at this time that the government is a Hindutva government, only Muslims have never received such help since the minority section was given.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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