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Here people are destroying their house by themselves, know the reason behind it

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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River Kosi has wreaked havoc in Navgachia sub-division of Bhagalpur district.

Kosi River, known as Bihar’s river of sorrows, has again become a problem for Bhagalpur district. The river has taken a monstrous form and wreaked havoc. The situation has worsened with the onset of rains. Houses built by laborers are drowning in river water. The helpless villagers are watching their homes being destroyed before their eyes.

River Kosi has wreaked havoc in Navgachia sub-division of Bhagalpur district. Kosi has encircled hundreds of houses and acres of agricultural land in many villages along the river. Homes of hundreds of families have been merged into Kosi. The only option left for the helpless is to run away. MP Ajay Mandal is in the House these days. He wrote on Facebook that anti-erosion work is being done in Singhkund.

Every day 5 to 7 feet of soil is flowing into the river.

Kosi River has encircled Singhkund village under Kharik Block of Nawagachia in the district. Villagers of the village say that the same situation prevails every year. This time 5 to 7 feet of soil is being eroded every day at the onset of rains and is being absorbed into the Kosi. Villagers are forced to remain vigilant under the shadow of fear. There is no one to take care of them. There is also resentment among the villagers towards the public representatives and the administration.

Destroying the house with your own hands

In Navgachia, people are destroying their homes themselves due to the havoc of river Kosi. With heavy hearts, people are trying to save the bricks before their houses sink into the river. Sinhkund village on the banks of the river is facing terrible erosion every day. People are forced to migrate from here. The eyes of the villagers have become wet after seeing the houses built with hard work at the cost of lakhs of rupees. Seeing their house destroyed, Usha Devi and Dayanand Rai say that there is no one to take care of them. They are saving the bricks for fear of the house collapsing.

The building built 1 year ago is now being demolished

Maya Devi of the village said that she had built a house last year by spending eight lakh rupees. Now he is forced to demolish his house. He said that the son earns money in Delhi-Punjab. There is no housekeeper. There is no help from the government either. Everything is absorbed into the cell. He asks, where do we go now? His house could have been saved if anti-erosion work had been done earlier, but it was not.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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