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He will call you on a date, take you to a cafe and then millions will disappear from your pocket.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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If you are also using dating app, then this news is very important for you to know, because you can lose your life as well as money by falling prey to the beauties present here. Such beauties first convince you to go on a date with you and then take you to a restaurant they know and disappear by themselves. After this, when the food bill arrives, you realize how much this date has cost you. Not only this, if you refuse to pay the food bill, you are beaten and whatever money you have is taken away.

One such case has come to light from Delhi’s Shakarpur, where a boy preparing for civil services befriended a girl on the Tinder app on June 23. The girl invited him to Mirror Cafe in Shakarpur on the pretext of celebrating her birthday. The boy reaches there and both sit on a table. The girl orders wine, orders a cake, eats some snacks and then suddenly gets up and leaves, saying she got an emergency call from home. The boy also feels that something may have happened in his house and does not stop him from leaving.

After this, the cafe manager hands the boy a bill of Rs 1 lakh 21000. The boy is shocked to see the bill and starts arguing with the manager over the bill. When the boy asks the price of the ordered item, he is mistreated and eventually kidnapped. After this, the manager asks him to pay Rs 1 lakh 21 thousand and if he does not do so, he also threatens to make the boy’s private photo viral. After this, the boy transfers the money to the cafe manager’s account out of fear. However, after coming out of here, he goes to the police and complains about the whole matter. When the police investigated the matter, they found that the girl he was dating said her name was Varsha, but her name was actually Afsa Praveen.

She was sitting in another cafe with a boy from Mumbai when the police arrested her. Asfa befriended the boy through the website She had called him there in the name of marriage and said that we will get married and for that we will have a first meeting, but when the police caught him, the boy understood the whole matter. Afsa Praveen said that the owner of Mirror Cafe was also involved in his syndicate, after which the owner of that cafe, Akshay Pahwa, was arrested. Akshay Pahwa said that the cafe is run by three people, Ansh Grover and Vansh Pahwa are also his cousins. These three owners have given full responsibility to the manager in the cafe. Afsa Praveen, the manager of one of these tables, was also there.

These girls were given the task to find the victim and bring him here on the pretext of eating and then blackmail him to extort money. In this way the business was going on continuously. According to the police, the girl received 15 percent of the fraud money, about 45 percent of the money went to the owner and about 40 percent to the manager. Police are looking for the rest of the accused in the case, but Akshay Pahwa and Afsa Praveen have been arrested.

According to the police, Afsa Praveen is a resident of Delhi’s Krishna Nagar and has been doing this type of work for a long time. The girl befriends people through dating apps or, invites them to her acquaintances’ cafes and disappears before the huge food bill arrives. This is a new way of cheating through dating apps and this kind of fraud is not only done in India but in many countries of the world. Police said to be wary of people with such profiles, check the dating apps you befriend and never go to places suggested by the girl. Don’t go on a first date with this.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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