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He has a lot of money, he will buy everyone, how will he get justice – Worli hit and run case victim’s husband alleges.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Pradeep who lost his wife in Worli hit and run case

24 absconding accused Mihir Shah has been arrested in Mumbai’s Worli hit and run case 3 days after the accident. Pradeep Nala, husband of the woman who was killed in the accident, said that after the car hit, we fell on the side. I moved away and fell while my wife’s clothes got caught in the tire and the car dragged her away. He also said that he has a lot of money and will buy everyone, how can justice be done in such a situation.

In an exclusive interview with TV9 Bharatvarsha, Pradeep Nakha said, “There was no body on the bonnet. We both fell on the bonnet. I fell to the left when she came under the wheel. Stuck under the wheel. He turned the wheel with such force that smoke started pouring out of it. He started pulling her. I saw a car pulling him.” He said, “I saw him go. Then I ran to stop him but could not find him.”

‘If she hadn’t been drunk she would have survived’

Claiming that the accused was drunk, Pradeep said, “He was drunk. If he was not drunk he would have hit the brakes and flipped the car. They do not go ahead with the car. If that had happened, my wife would have been saved. He was drunk. He was afraid that he would be caught, so he ran away in fear.

He continued, “If he did not drink alcohol. If he had not taken the drugs he should have surrendered. The moment the police caught the accused’s father, he should have come forward. But he didn’t come. Now 24 hours have passed and his intoxication is gone. How can I get justice in such a situation? There is a lot of money in front of him. If the case goes to court tomorrow, it could field 20 lawyers.

Buy all, what I’ll do: Pradeep

On a question regarding the arrest of the accused and getting justice, Pradeep Nala said, “When more than 24 hours have passed, what justice will we get now? From whom will I get justice? Neither the Home Minister nor the Chief Minister will give. Which party did that leader belong to, he was the leader of the Shinde group, he is their man, he has a lot of money. He will buy everyone, tell me what I will do.

Shiv Sena leader Rajesh Shah’s son Mihir Shah was driving a BMW car at the time of the accident, which hit the scooter. A woman riding a scooter was killed in the accident while her husband was injured. Mihir, the accused in the hit and run case, was absconding since the incident.

About the arrest, a senior police officer said Mihir was on the run since the accident on Sunday morning and was arrested from Virar area near Mumbai. Also, accused Mihir’s mother and two sisters have been brought to Mumbai for questioning from Shahpur in Thane. Several other people are also being questioned as part of the police investigation in the case.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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