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Have been admitted in Medical College Shahdol.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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In Madhya Pradesh’s Umaria district, a young man was carrying his girlfriend’s dead body in his car when his car hit a tree, which he sought the help of nearby villagers to remove. During the rescue, when the villagers saw the woman lying unconscious in the car, they suspected the youth. The villagers immediately informed the police. Police reached the spot. Meanwhile, the villagers surrounded the vehicle.

Seeing his girlfriend’s dead body lying in the car on one side and the police coming on the other side, the lover did not understand anything and drank the entire bottle of acid kept in the car. As soon as he drank the acid, his whole throat started burning and he started screaming loudly. Seeing his condition, the police took him for immediate treatment.

Have been admitted in Medical College Shahdol.

A young man from Checharia village was in love with a girl from Benibari village in Anuppur district. The girl got married to someone else 6 months ago. He was very upset about this. He had called the girl to meet him in the forest on Thursday, but his girlfriend was living in Amarkantak and studying B.Ed. That is why she went to meet him in the forest.

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Where the accused lover saw an opportunity and stabbed her to death. After the murder, he was going to dispose of the woman’s body with acid in the car along with a knife and a large weapon, but his car sped off as he reached the forest of Ghunghuti Chowk in Pali Police Station area. Controlled and entered the ditch towards the forest and collided with a tree. On hearing this, all the people of the surrounding village gathered. Now the police have reached the spot and sent the body of the girl for postmortem.

Reported by Surendra Tripathi/Umaria

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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