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Hathras stampede: How many doctors were there at Hathras trauma center after the accident? People exposed the administration by telling the truth

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Trauma Center Sikandarrau

The death toll has crossed 100 in the stampede that broke out during the satsang of Swayambhu Sant Bhole Baba in Phulrai, Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. While hundreds of people are seriously injured. He has been admitted to different hospitals for treatment. The death in this accident has revealed the vigilance of the police and the administration. At the time of the accident, the situation was such that when bodies started arriving at the trauma center in Hathras, there was no arrangement to take care of the patients. The victims themselves have told the truth of the incident in a statement given to the media.

Relatives of the injured and the dead said that only one junior doctor and one pharmacist were present in the trauma center for the first hour and a half. The CMO himself also reached the hospital after one and a half hours. Police and administration officials also reached here after one and a half to two hours. The family members said that there was no concrete arrangement in the hospital to admit the injured. In such a situation, the doctor on duty was giving first aid on the stretcher and referring the injured to a big hospital. When there was no one to see the dead bodies.

CMO came after an hour and a half

Family members said that after the CMO’s arrival, even if two doctors and other staff reached here, the hospital’s equipment was exhausted. Seeing the situation, their families themselves started picking up the injured and taking them to other hospitals. For a while, the condition of this hospital was such that only screams could be heard all around and dead bodies were seen all over the premises. Many people gasped and fell down on the spot after seeing this horrible scene.

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The hospital staff also started feeling dizzy

An employee stationed at the hospital also said that he had never seen so many dead bodies in his life. Seeing so many dead bodies at once, he started getting dizzy. Seeing the situation, he immediately rested for two minutes and drank water and tried to attend to the injured and dead as the situation improved. This situation was seen not only in the trauma center in Hathras but also in other nearby hospitals.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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