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Hathras Accident: What was the arrangement, who is responsible? SIT got answers to every question, CM will hand over report to Yogi today

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Hathras accident.

Who is responsible for Hathras accident, what arrangements should be made? The answers to these questions have been found by the SIT constituted by the UP government. After completing the inquiry with the statements of 128 people, the report has been handed over to the Home Department. This report will be given to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today (Tuesday) morning. The CM will discuss this report with senior officials.

A week ago, on Tuesday, June 2, 121 people were killed in a stampede at the Narayana Sakar Vishwa Hari satsang in Phulrai village of Sikandarrau tehsil in Hathras district. The UP government constituted an SIT to investigate the accident. In its 300-page investigation report, the SIT has recorded the statements of 150 people, including the DM and SP of Hathras.

Whose role, who is responsible?

The SIT’s investigation report has sequentially explained how the stampede took place, what was the arrangement, whose role was played and who was responsible for the incident. All these things are mentioned in this report. ADG ADG Anupama Kulshrestha and Aligarh Divisional Commissioner Chaitra V prepared this report. It is understood that some action may be taken based on this report. However, CM Yogi Adityanath has already held the servicemen responsible for the incident. They are also expressing apprehension of conspiracy.

The blame may fall on the officials

According to sources, action may be taken against the guilty officers and employees after the investigation of the report. Lack of adequate crowd management system can put the local administration in trouble. Adherence to event conditions is also checked. The report shows the responsibility of the local administration as to how despite such huge crowd, the administration did not or did not manage the crowd. Currently the report does not mention any mistake of Bhole Baba.

Baba’s lawyer made this claim

Narayan Sakar Vishwa Hari aka Bhole Baba is absconding after the Hathras accident. His lawyer AP Singh has claimed that on the day of the accident, some miscreants sprayed poisonous spray on the crowd of devotees, which led to the accident. At the same time, in the initial case, it is said that after the satsang was over, suddenly a crowd of devotees started collecting the dust of their feet behind the caravan of Narayana Sakar Vishwa Hari, after which an accident occurred. .

Baba is considered as God

After the Hathras accident, many miraculous claims of Narayan Sakar Vishwa Hari aka Bhole Baba have also come to light. His followers give him the title of God. Water and prasad at his feet in satsang are considered miraculous. The largest number of Baba’s followers are women. Most of those killed in the Hathras accident were women.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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